Previous Abortion Affect Chances

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Jamie - March 29

Can a very regretful past abortion affect my chances of having a baby? Thanks for any advice.


tiffani - March 29

Yes a past abortion can affect your chances of having a baby, it can also cause complications with your pregnancy. With that being said, many many many women who have had abortions have gone on to have healthy pregnancies and beautiful children. Good luck!


to jamie - March 29

theres a possibility,but i dont think the chances are that high,i know people that have had abortions and gone on to concieve ok


Missy - March 29

I may be mistaken, but I am pretty sure that it is the later term abortions (10 or 12 weeks and on) that affect the ability to conceive later on - but I know plenty of women who have had abortions who have gone on to have healthy problem free pregnancies. Good luck!!!!


Jamie - March 29

Thanks for the advice. My one (and only) abortion was at 5 weeks pregnant. I wish I could go back in time and had made a better decision. I hope it doesn't affect my chances. I really want for my husband and I to have several children of our own.


tara - March 29

There are a lot of things that can effect our ability to have children, and having an abortion maybe one of them. But don't allow that to make you feel guilty about it. 50+ years ago this might have been a bigger problem, but the chances of an abortion affecting your chances of having children now is almost next to nothing. all the best :o)


michelle - March 29

An uncomplicated first term abortion should have no effect on future fertility or pregnancy. With a history of second term abortion, a woman has a slightly higher risk of incompetant cervix. I wouldn't worry about your previous abortion causing any problems. Good luck!


Daisy Jean - March 30

Having an early abortion is less traumatic for your body than having a full term baby. How many people have more than one child- many, many!! Unless you developed an infection or some kind of complication after your abortion I wouldn't worry. Can I ask if you have been ttc or just wondering for the future?


Daisy Jean - March 30

I know three women who had early abortions in the past and they all have children now and never had any problems conceiving them.



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