Price Ranges For 3d Ultrasounds

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M.A. - October 30

My friend had a 3D ultrasound done. Her husband told me that their's costed around $300 for the package they got. And the cheapest was about $200. I didn't ask where they went. We live in the N./S. Carolina line area. Any input on prices you've researched & found in your area?


Melissa - October 30

WOW...thats kind of expensive..I live in California and my ob doc offers 3d unltrasounds for 125.00. And I think I know of another place that does it for a little cheaper. I think you are getting ripped over there!


Heavenly - October 30

I had the plain jane us and it was $400! I also live in NC.


YC - October 31

I live in California. I paid $95 and got 5 color pictures 15 black and white pictures and a 15 minute DVD. I think it is cheaper in CA because there are a lot more places that offer them. Hope this helps.


Christy - October 31

Go to I live in NC and the place they have listed is in Hickory. I'm thinking there was a package that was $150-200. Anyways go to there website and click on your state. It will link you to the clinic that does it and give you prices for the different packages.


Racahel mommy2lucas - October 31

I paid 200.00 for my package in Ohio that included 30 minute session that you could bring up to six people to. 1 sheet or two, can't remember, of printed pics, dvd, and vhs of session. I thought it was totally worth it. How often do you get to experience something like that. And he looks exactly like his ultrasound pics too! It is so cool.


M.A. - October 31

WOW YC! You got a great deal! I'd love to get all that of my baby boy for only $95! My friend's husband told us they got an hour session, d.v.d., color pictures, and their own room where they could have as many people with them. Thanks Christy for the website. I'm going to look it up. I hope to be able to have this done for Christmas. Another thing...does anyone know if it's dangerous for the baby?


Dustie - October 31

My doctor offers them for $125.00.



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