Prilosec Or Aciphex During Pregnancy

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bobbie - January 5

Does anybody taking prilosec or aciphex while pregnant due to GERD. Prilosec is category C and aciphex is category B. I just don't know if these medicines are safe to take the entire pregnancy. I have severe acid reflux and scared that the medication will affect the baby. I'm praying for a normal and healthy baby.


E - January 6

What did your doctor say regarding you taking the Category C med while pregnant? I am a__suming that your OB knows you are using these? I have never used these but I can only imagine how much worse your acid reflux would be while pregnant, without meds to control it. Especially in the last trimester when your stomach is nestled btw your b___bs!


Rainie - January 6

My doctor prescribed me zantac 150mg with enough refills to last the entire pregnancy, that is twice the strength of the over the counter stuff so i think prilosec would be perfectly fine as long as your doctor says its ok.


bobbie - January 7

Hi Rainie, my doctor changed 20 mg aciphex to 150 mg zantac twice a day. My symptoms are, I always feel like something is stuck in my throat and I get mild heartburn occasionally. Today my doctor switch it back to aciphex bec it is safe during pregnancy. I had a miscarriage last month and I wanted to prepare myself for another pregnancy but I want to take a safe medicine for the GERD. I wonder if there is anyone out there who had good results with the baby with other medication for GERD before and after pregnancy. I read something about prilosec being category C and might cause birth defect. I'm really scared. I wanted to have a normal and healthy baby.


m - January 8

I've had 2 miscarriages in recent months. Let me start by emphasizing that I do NOT know for sure what caused either one. The 2nd one I believe was from not waiting long enough between pregnancies. But the first one, I really don't know. However, although it may be completely circ_mstancial, I was taking Aciphex the first few weeks of the first one, because I didn't know it was Category B. To repeat myself, I do NOT know whether or not it had anything to do with the miscarriage. But also, I don't know that it DIDN'T have something to do with it. So of course, I quit taking it. Different women have different experience and different reactions to prescription drugs. But in my opinion, if there's any way to take a subst_tute med that is known to for sure be approved for pregnancy, it's better to be safe than sorry. Good luck!


bobbie - January 8

Hi m. Thank you for responding to me. Are you still suffering from your GERD? Are you taking any medication? Somebody replied to me and said that she was given prevacid when she was pregnant and the baby was fine. Any input that you might have is greatly appreciated. I feel like my doctor only knows aciphex as being safe for pregnancy. I want to see if there is more gerd medicine that is safe for pregnancy. thanks


m - January 10

Hi bobbie. My dr never really diagnosed me with GERD. I was just having a lot of stomach pains, tightness, etc. I have since come to realize it was stress induced. I tried Prilosec OTC and Aciphex. Neither took care of it. Food wasn't the culprit. However, I got rid of a huge stressor in my life, and all of a sudden, my stomach was better. So I'm sorry, but I do not know what else might help you. And like I said, don't let me worry you that Aciphex was the cause of my mc. I'm a really overcautious person, so since I never knew the cause for sure, I'm just kindof skeptical of things like that. Best of luck to you!!


bobbie - January 11

Hi m. Thank you for your input. I'm still taking aciphex and my symptoms are not getting better. I think subconsciously I'm stress and I just don't know it and it's aggravating my symptoms. I wanted to try Prilosec but scared that if it works and I got pregnant, I don't want to get hook to it because I know it's category C. I'm just so scared right now because I want to get pregnant but I'm not getting good options on how to battle my gerd.


m - January 11

So sorry for your dilemma! I wish I could help. I wish you the best of luck!!


T - January 20

I miscarried while taking aciphex during my first trimester before I knew I was pregnant. I don't know if it is related to the drug. I stopped taking meds and got pregnant after that and everything was fine. However, since I had my son my reflux is horrible (sore throat, post nasal drip, nauseau and a sick feeling in my stomach and throat area. Ph test turned out positive. Have you ever thought about antireflux surgery? My reflux is still pretty bad after trying all meds. If you have the surgery than you won't have to worry about reflux drugs during pregnancy. However, I'm sure their are some that are safe.I'm going to probably have the surgery done before trying for a second child.


cryss - January 29

I was wondering if there is anyone out there has been on Aciphex while being pregnant and had a normal delivery?


crystal M - January 29

What mg of Aciphex are you on?


keri - January 31

I am taking prilosec and have been through my whole pregnancy. i am now 21 weeks. My md said that it was fine to take.


cindy - February 1

Hello, I am 12 weeks preg. and taking prilosec and my obgyn and family doctor both say that it is safe. I did have to go off of Paxil, but not prilosec. Thank God. I wouldn't be able to make it without it. I hope this helps!! :)


Ruth - February 1

bobbie, I don't know if you got your question answered but you might want to talk to your doctor about Nexium, which is category B. I take 40 mg a day and it works great at controlling the reflux.


crystal - February 4

I have a lot of internet research on this as well as talked to my gyno. She said that she has had many women on Aciphex and Prilosec and they have done fine during pregnancy.


bobbie - February 9

Hello All, I started this post and was out for a while because I was trying to see if I can get some info from other source. I'm so glad that I went back to this site and now I'm reading several replies. I'm so happy that you all replied and sharing your experiences. I had a miscarriage while taking Aciphex. I stopped taking it on my 6th week but I still had the miscarriage. It might be coincidental. For me it's hard to stop the PPI because I have already experienced what happened if I stop it. It came back with a vengeance and now it's very hard to control and I'm getting the worse symptoms ever. I will probably stick to Aciphex which I'm taking now even when I get pregnant. Keri and Cindy, I'm so happy for you ladies. Good luck on your pregnancies and keep us posted. T, I haven't done all the tests for my gerd not to mention that I'm really under time pressure right now. My clock is ticking and this year might be my last chance to get pregnant so at the moment surgery is not an option for me. But thank you for your suggestion. Hello Ruth, You didn't mention if you are also pregnant. I tried 40mg Nexium for 3 days and I have to stop because it's giving me abdominal pain and chest pressure. I think it's too high for me. When I tried the 20mg for 5 days the chest pressure is gone but the abdominal pain is still there. I'm just impatient with drugs. So I went back to Aciphex and slowly I'm seeing some small improvement. I think sometimes we just have to be patient with the medication. What I notice, the more I think about the side effect, anxiety kicks in then the worst flare up begins. That what happens with Aciphex, when I stop for a month and went back to it, it feels like it's not working anymore and the symptoms are getting worse. Then I decided to stick to it and now the symptoms are getting less. I'm so happy to find this board and get good information from you all and also brings me comfort to know that I'm not the only one. Best regards to all!



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