Pro Life And Pro Circumcision

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Jane - June 27

I cannot believe some people! Pro-lifers believe in the sant_ty of life and want to avoid by all means the suffering and death of an unborn child. However, some pro-lifers have nothing against mutilating a newborn. God has made men perfect, and all parts of a human being are sacred and created by God, intended by God to exis, just like his life was created by God. Yet, there are some pro-lifers who without a heart or respect for God mutilate their children. A can understand a pro-choice person to have no values and care less about their son's body, but pro-lifers? That is a contradiction in terms!


jeez! - June 27

I am so sick of this topic, let's move on PLEASE!!!


Grow UP - June 27

Don't you have anything better to do with your day than to pick fights? I hope people let this go and don't bite the bait on this one.


Fact - June 27

Circ_mcision lowers the increased risk of infections and ect..perhaps people do this b/c they are looking out for their littles ones well being...hmmm


couldn't resist - June 27

You dumb ignorant holy roller b___h!! How dare you say a Pro-choice person has no values! You of all people shouldn't be allowed to pro-create!! I can just see it now how you will teach your children intolerance. I could go on but you are not worth trying to enlighten.


STFU - June 27

You had me until you made those stupid and ignorant comments about pro-choice people. Now you can kiss my a__s.To "Fact" "lowers the increased risk" makes no sense.


Hey, fact - June 27

Infections can happen in any part of the body. I would hope you have your infant's tonsils and appendix removed at birth as well, oh and his ears, children have horrible ear infections. Even the AAP states that the risk of infection is quite small if the child is cleaned properly. I guess some parents feel confident about teaching their children about cleaning themselves, others don't.........


veiled - June 27

I agree, you aren't making much of a point about circ_mcision when you use such an inflamatory statement about pro-choice people. If your true goal is to save boys from circ_mcision, you shouldn't eliminate an entire group of people by deriding them. The goal is to educate. I know it's frustrating to encounter those who are dead set on having it done, no matter what the facts. Most because it has been drilled into our heads (Americans) that the intact p___s is disgusting. Hopefully, our culture will move on and progress to becoming more civilized and making such a practice illegal. Until that time,though, it is best just to educate and not completely b__w off an entire group because of their standing on other subjects.


To STFU - June 27

For STFU, I can see that you do not understand why I am in favor of circ_mcision and the medical basis of it so here let me educate you….It is often said that a circ_mcised p___s is cleaner, or easier to keep clean, than an intact p___s. Smegma (a natural substance composed of dead skin cells, normal flora, and secretions containing the natural antibacterial agent lysozyme) is more likely to acc_mulate when the foreskin is present. Also, Medical grounds for circ_mcision that are most commonly cited are: Reduced risk of urinary tract infections (UTI); reduced risk of penile cancer; reduced risk of cervical cancer in partners; reduced risk of s_xually transmitted disease (STD). So that is what I was trying to say before in lamens terms.


TO Hey Fact...... - June 27

Your tonsils are actually an important part of your body to keep, in fact the procedure to have them removed has been declined over the recent years for the fact that thay actually keep you from getting more frequent sore throats and ect so they are actually good to keep although they may get inflamed from time to time, I think your making quite an overstatement, all I was trying to say is why some people may be in favor of circ_mcision and for preventive reasons is why some choose that route, so dont take this out of proportion and twist it to your misinterpretation...calm down and take a breath...


STFU - June 27

I know what you were trying to say and it still makes no sense. There is no "increased risk". There is risk period. There is also risk that my tonsils with get infected so I should just go ahead and have those removed. My ear drums could burst so I should have tubes put in asap. Oh, there's that pesky appendix too. I call the doc tomorrow. Uh ooooh yeast infections....Can you see how stupid you sound now? All that nasty smegma acc_mulation can be taken care of with proper personal hygiene. Oh and now foreskins cause cancer? Nice one.


E - June 27

HOW MANY THREADS CAN WE DEVOTE TO THIS SUBJECT? Honestly, people. How many????????? Redundancy is tiresome.


To STFU - June 27

Your really not making much sense...sorry I tried to enlighten you, but you obviously are way too dramatic for me...hope you act more mature once the baby gets here. Have a nice day.


STFU - June 27

Keep your so-called enlightenment to yourself. I'll take the CPA, AAP, WHO and practically the rest of the world over that any day.


Audrea - June 27

I have a question for the person who put this thread up. You say God made man perfect right? Then why were Jews told to circ_mcise the male? Didn't they say that God was the one who ordered this done? At least that is what I understand in the Old Testament. If you have an answer I would love to hear it. I just hate it when others put stuff up here like they know all the facts which they talk about. Just know your facts before you make yourself look foolish.


Jane - June 27

To Audrea - yes, circ_mcision is in the old testament, just like not eating pork is in the old testament, that does not make it a must do action, does it? Besides circ_mcision is for Jews, not for everyone else!


P - June 27

Now we're getting into racism? Nice one Jane. Ignorant bigot.



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