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LN030905 - December 5

Hi all! I was diagnosed with PCOS in October. My last af was June 9th..and I am starting to get uneasy about going this long without having one! My DR told me to not worry about not having one and that we would take a step in that direction at my next appt in the early year( I am trying to lose weight..ugh). However, I have read several times over that it can be dangerous in the long run to go more than 3 usual cycle lengths without shedding the lining. I was wondering if it would maybe be okay for me to use progesterone creame to bring on af...and how does that work if you are not ovulating? Thank you for any advice!


BeckyBunny - December 6

I'm not sure about the cream, but I know there are meds your doc can prescribe you to bring on AF, regardless of whether you have ovulated or not. Are you trying to get pregnant? My doctor put me on metformin and birth control when she diagnosed me with PCOS. This is my first cycle off of B/C because we are TTC, and I have no idea what to expect. PCOS sucks!!


LN030905 - December 6

My husband and I have been off birth control since January of 2006..and I have only had about maybe ten cycles? It does suck!!! To top it off, my dh has fertility issues as well. I have been put on provera before, but I did not like it and would rather not go that route again. We are trying to get our "kinks" worked out but arent protecting ourselves from pregnancies since there is really not much of a chance we will concieve without meds right now. I am trying to lose weight hoping that helps..heard the losing 10% of body weight if overweight, can help tremendously! My cycles were normal before I started bc, then when I came off of it, it was crazy...I did have cycles on my own..they were 34, 36, 32 and 38 days apart and then they went every 3 months and now its been over 6!



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