Prometrium Progesterone Tell Me About It

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Marti - March 8

Cograts! I also just recently found out I am pregnant.YAY!!! I have one Child and have had 4 miscarriages. :( My Dr. prescibed Prometrium with this one. I am now 81/2 weeks. My lab work is great and my last sonogram was perfect! We had never had the opportunity to use it before, as I would lose it before we knew we were pregnant. I absolutely believe this is what has helped. And yes, It does help "hold" the pregnancy. My advice is to use it exactly as prescribed. My dose is 200mg twice daily. Good Luck!!!


laura - March 9

I have been taking progesterone suppositories for two months now and it keeps delaying my cycle because my period never comes when it should? Has this happened to anyone else who has successfully got pregnant? I am scared that it is changing my ovulation?


Please Help - March 9

I just found out two weeks ago that I was prego. I am actually 8.5 weeks today. My Dr. put me on prometrium 200mg three times a day v____ally. I was wondering besides votiming and the ususal side effects was there anything out there that is serious for a side effect such as blood clotting etc ... any info would be great. Thanks.


cordi - March 15

can prometrium cause pregnancy?


Hmmm.... - March 15

I am surprised to read that so many ladies are orally taking progesterone (prometrium) once pregnant. I was always told to switch to progesterone suppositories ( the prometrium pill or waxy suppository) and take it v____ally 2-3 x per day once pregnant or to take progesterone injections. If taken orally I was told it would cross the placenta. Also, my doctor advised me it was more effective if taken v____ally or via injections once pregnant. I'm a firm believer in progesterone suppositories because it keeps me from miscarrying. I don't know much about it taken orally. Good luck ladies. .


Joanne - March 16

Hi. I had three mc last year. For my last two, I was on prometrium post bfp but still lost the babies. Now, I,m on prom 100mg 2x per day from O onwards in hope that this will work. (As a side note, I also have a blood clotting disorder which may be causing my mc too and am on fragmin injections when pg) Want to b a mommy - I`ve been nauseous too... not as bad as you but very queasy. Have you learned anything more about this side effect? I was pg when on prometrium before but never really felt nauseous then.... and I was on a higher dose... not sure why its happening now... I,m only 6dpo so I doubt its bec I,m pg To Please Help - Prog can increase your risk of getting a blood clot. Its similar to birth control pills that way. I've been diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder, factor v lieden, and am on fragmin injections while on prometrium to balance the clotting effect.


heidi - March 17

I'm glad there are sites like this because I can't find any info. in books. I had a m/c a couple months ago, and with this pregnancy they have put me on prometrium as a suppository, 200mg 2x day because my progesterone was slightly low when tested last week at 5 wks prego. Good luck to us all!


Denise - May 6

I just recently found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant. I have been put on Prometruim 200mg because I had a mc in Dec. of 2004. I haven't heard of any success stories yet. I do have a question. Am I the only one taking this v____ally?


Kelly - May 8

For those who have taken Prometrium 2X's a day. How long did you lay down for? Did you have leakage? I'm worried. I take 100mg in the morning and again at night. I am noticing some leaking in the morning because I am not laying down as long. Advice?


Deanne - June 6

I am also taking Prometrium (oral pills) 200 mg, 3 X per day. I started spotting early on and a test confirmed my progesterone levels were low. Anyway, I've taken it before for other reasons and it makes you feel pretty yucky...especially taking a high dose but I'm almost 8 weeks now and doing well. Whatever it takes. It's hard to stay off your feet with two other kids under 4 at home but it's important!


rose - June 15

i am taking prometrium, i am not sure what they are for. i am having a baby.


Katie - June 16

I have a history of numerous early losses, I however have a beautiful 2 yr old son thanks to prometrium, I am currently 5 wks pg again and will do the prometrium faithfully, hopeing fro another healthy baby, Do the Prometruim it truely does wonders, the prometruim is progesterone and keeps your uterine lining thick, don't stop or it could cause another mc, as dramtic drops in progesterone can trigger mc.


Karen - June 16

My first blood test this past Monday revealed a progesterone level of 6.8 (should be >14). My doctor said it was a little low and put me on 200 mg 1x day of the prometrium. I took the first dose last night, had blood work today, and the progesterone was 15.9! My hcg also more than doubled. The progesterone as was said earlier is necessary for implantation and staying on the uterine lining. all I have to say is "Thank God for Prometrium!!!"


Alane - June 30

I a, on it to I have had two misscarriages and read about it how it helped to keep the baby I am hoping it will help for me let me know about you please


Sylvie - July 1

I've now had 4 miscarriages. I have pcos. I've been taking prometrium, clomid, metformin, baby aspirin and other vitamins. The dr. plans to put me on a cancer drug to help ovulate instead of clomid. It's supposed to release a more mature follicle. Has anyone every heard of this?


nicole - July 3

I'm 35 and have had 2mscgs-I was prescribed PROMETRIUM but told not to take it until I became pregnant!?!?? I've read here some Drs. advising to take starting day14-any one disagree w/this?



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