Prometrium Progesterone Tell Me About It

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Chantal - April 25

Hi Jonelle....AGAIN...sorry about the short response my boss was coming over! oops! I'm feeling better now that I'm not taking anymore clomid. I haven't started prometrium yet...I'm trying not to concentrate so much on my every day body feelings or thoughts of pregnancy. I know this sounds weird but, I'm trying to just GO with the FLOW. We're still doing the DEED every second night but more so to just "have fun" instead of making it a task all the time. We're trying this out cuz' we're always counting the days and looking at the calendar and it's been taking a toll on me. I see the days go by, the months...and I need to just be thankful for all the wonderful things in my life and SOAK it in. I have my prometrium day marked on the calendar...but that's it! Do you feel sick along with the FEVER or do you just get really warm. Cuz' if your feeling sick with it...that might be a really good sign. People say "flu" like symptoms!!! I say: "BRING ON THE FLU"! if it means a little one is coming along with it! GOOD LUCK my friend; keep me posted.


paulam - April 26

Hello Ladies,I hope you are all doing well this evening. I have a question. Have any of you experienced any inconsistencies in your symptoms while on prometrium? There are some days where I'm only slightly drowsy. But, some today....I find myself wanting to lie down in the middle of the floor and nap with our cat. I mean I am so tired that I truly cannot think about anything but sitting down and staring off into space. Has anyone had these kind of differences in their symptoms? If there are any typos or this message is incoherent...please blame the prometrium...I'm really not studid...I just feel so groggy right now.


cShell - April 26

paulam, I too am on prmetrium and haven't experienced any side effects that I notice. I am tired, gaining weight and headaches but I just attibute that to being preg. The difference this time is my b___sts/armpits (glands) are extremely sore!!! I say, "take a nap when ever you feel like it!" :)


cShell - April 26

oh yea, one more brain is definitely NOT functioning properly! Typing and speaking are a whole~nother thing.


jonelle - April 29

Good morning to all of my friends...sorry I haven't written in a few days but I have been in a pretty bad mood. I guess that we could say that it started on Thursday when I was having very scanty, brownish pink spotting. I really thought that I was pregnant this month as my b___bs had swollen to the size of watermelons, my temperature had remained elevated since ovulation, I had some speels of nausea and I thought that the spotting that I was having was implantaion bleeding. Well...WRONG AGAIN! I got my period yesterday morning and am just really starting to shake my head as to why me! I know that you all have and are going through. I took the bulls by the horn though and am trying something different in 10 days. When the spotting started on Thursday I called my ob office and explained the situation. The nurse called back with the response to just stay on the prometrium until my due date for period which is today (Sunday) and then if the test is negative stop it and just continue trying and we will see you in October for your annual. I was like ok...what you also must know is that the practice that I go to has recently become so oversaturated with patients that I was supposed to have my annual in August and they can't get me in until October!!!! Yeah, I hope that you are all thinking what I am in that I am just wasting months here with no medical help or advice. All of my other friends including most of you have docs that are proactive and have tested mid month sonos and bloodwork, well mine has NEVER done any of that!!! So after I ended that conversation with the nurse I spoke with my husband who like I have said before is in the medical field and knows all of the ob's from his rotation and asked him who a second opinion would be good from. I called that prospective office and explained my situation. Ironically enough the receptionist who I spoke with floats at different offices and my previous is one of them so she knew exactly my frustrations and felt really bad for me and was actually somewhat shocked that they have never checked my mid-cycle levels at this stage of the game. So here is how it goes...I have to see that doctor exactly mid cycle and for me that happens to be the day when I usually have my LH surge! So, I am hoping that he sends me immediately for a good workup and we can get this ball rolling. Until then I am going to keep my chin up and keep smiling...yes, I have crossed over from the crying, upset mode to the "I can do this again" mode! The one thing that I could use right now from all of you is some advice on anything else that I should request from my new doctor to do....any additinal tests that you have all had done or anything like guys have always been such a wonderful support structure for me on here and have helped me through many tough months! I thank you all for that. Please keep me updated on how you all are doing! I will talk to you all soon...we can do this:)


cShell - April 29

Jonelle, you poooor thing! I know exactly what you're talking about. Happened to us that bad when we lived in Cali. We went for an OB visit the nurse tried to hear the hb and after a few minutes she said "oh,, there it is" I was only 6 -7 wks and she was listening to my own hb!!! Well, I know that now. B**** - Anyhow, we went for an U/S about 3 weeks later and there was nothing in the sac! No bleeding, no cramping, Nothing! I was p__sed to say the least! I ended up mc on my own, because they wanted to stick some kind of funky sea salt stick in my cervix for 3 days to dilate me, then do the d&c right there in the office. I agreed at first. So I'm waiting in the room undressed when suddenly I was like....what the hell am I gonna do this for if the sac will come out anyway? So I jumped up and we LEFT. I don't have absolute faith in anyone's choices, especially when it comes to mine or my families health. So we move back to MN and get preg. again. BTW, it was the same time of the year as it is now!! SAme thing on u/s. On Memorial Day I had a D&C. that was 3 years ago. Since then, I called different OB/GYN practices near my home and found one that took our insurance and had two docs that specialized in infertility. That's where we did all kinds of tests on me. Only blood tests though. We also did not do the genetic blood work, very expensive. Everything came out perfect EXCEPT for my Luteal Phase. This is where the Prometruim came in. ---------- well, I found out we where preg. on Easter last month and started right away again on the Prometruim 100mg bid. I have a new doc this time, saw the hb on u/s at just under 7wks, my progs. level was 48 (good), he wants me to slowly go off the prometium starting this week annnnnnd I'm not so sure about that. I might just wait one more week of 200 mg a day then go to 100. Hopefully this VERY long winded mess. gave you some diff. ideas for your situation. Please Keep Trying, get all of the info. that you can. Best, Michelle


Chantal - April 30

Hi Jonelle; darling little friend. I am so sorry to hear that it didn't work out for you again this month! I was really hoping to hear good news this time you know! I'm really proud of you for finding a new doctor to give you a second opinion on what is happening. Checking your mid cycle is the WAY to GO! I wish someone would have told me that too! (I'm glad you did). I will request my Doctor to do just that if things don't pan out this month for me. My husband and I have been very diligeant and we are going to continue until day 30. I just don't know when to start prometrium now because my last months cycle was so screwed up. Apparently, if you start it too soon (before ovulation) you can stop yourself from being able to carry!!! So, I'm all confused right now. Today is day 19 for me, so I think I'll wait a few more days and then start the bullets. Jonelle; please keep me posted on what the new Doctor has to suggest and my thoughts and prayers are always with you! *BIG HUGS*


jonelle - May 1

Hey ladies! is a quesstion: Where did you hear that the prometrium could inhibit conceiving? I was telling my husband about your comment regarding taking it too early and my husband is thinking that he wants me to try a month without it nd conceive that way. He thinks that it is inhibiting from getting pregnant seeings how I got pregnant with my son without anything 3 years ago. What do you think and what did you hear? I am curious to know because I want to bring it up to my new doctor when I see him in 10 more days. I am also HATING the weight gain that has come with the prometrium. Lst me know what you think...and all of my other ladies too...please give me any input that you have! Thanks guys...hugs:)


Chantal - May 1

Hi Jonelle! My doctor actually was the one that told me not to administer the prometrium before ovulation because it can inhibit the pregnancy to occur. That's why us girls have to wait 3 days AFTER ovulation to take it. I've been thinking the SAME DARN THING you know? I'm now on day 20 and I haven't started prometrium yet either...I wonder if anyone HAS been successful getting pregnant taking it the way we have to? I'm tempted to wait a few more days...but then again, I don't want to jeopardize the method by not taking it and finding out afterwards that I'm pregnant and will lose it again! SUCH A YOYO! Yes the weight gain is also affecting me too. Once I start my period; I lose a few pounds and then as soon as I start to take the bullets again, I gain it all back. Especially by the end of the day after having put them in 3 times. It's very frustrating - I know! Now we're starting to a___lyze every little MAYBE that occurs throughout our cycles to try and find the culprit. I'm going to have intercourse tonight AGAIN.....and then start prometrium right after. Kind of stupid tho...why would we even bother having anymore s_x if the prometrium will stop me from getting pregnant!???? ARGHhhhhhhhhhh


avollmer - May 2

hi there everybody. I read these post all the time but I have never written in. I am writing in response to Jonelle and Chantels question reguarding taking prometrium before you find out your are even pregnant. Well my story is that I have been TTC for about 1 year faithfully and we have had 3 miscarriages in about 2 years. For the past year we have be on femera, metformin, and prometrium. I quit the femera and metformin after about 6 months on my own, but I continued to take the prometrium 2 (200mg tabs) at bedtime once ovulation was confirmed till your period. We check ovualtion with one of those ovulation predictors every month, did the deed failthfully and started the prometrium after that. Well then my period always started. Well my last period was March 10 and at that time I decided that I was tired of trying and I gave up. So no more checking ovulation, timing the deed, or taking the prometrium after confirmed ovulation. I was tired of all the planning and no happy ending. Well April 14th came along, no period, sore b___st, so I took a test and it was POSITIVE, so I took 3 more and they were all positive. So that day I started taking the prometrium because with my last miscarriage (not using the prometrium) my progesterone came back at 6 so I know that I have low progesterone. Then I called my doctor and got in 3 days later. My hcg was great and my progesterone was 46.2 yahhh!! I am now about 7.5 weeks pregnant and nervous everyday about having another miscarriage,but I am extremely happy (I have 2 other children ages 5 and 11 that I had no problems conceiving with) So not starting the prometrium till after confirmed pregnancy might of been what saved the pregnancy this time. I recommed doing what the doctors say, but this what helped me conceive. I am not sure if I started the prometrium to early all those other months, but I know that the prometrium is what is saving my pregnancy now. Well good luck to everybody and I hope that this helps a little.


jonelle - May 2

Avollmer...I can't THANK YOU enough for your response! I am so glad to hear that someone can get pregnant during this whole nonsense:) Chantal will be thrilled too!!! I conceived my first son without the prometrium...they put me on it after the fact because I was spotting. Now they have put me on it in advance and I am thinking that its hindering me. My husband is in the medical field and thinks that we should give it a go this month with no prometrium and see what happens. My story is identical to yours in that I get the pregnancy sypmtoms totally and then the spotting starts and within 2 days the period is here. So needless to say I am pretty upset. I am seeing a new doctor on the 11th which for is on day 14 which couldn't hav eworked out better. I am hoping that we get some answers to the problem...but I am so grateful for you. any other suggestions on how to maximize the chances other than the obvious? Let me know and I will keep in touch!!! Thank you again....Chantal...let me know what you think about this encouraging news!!!


bally280 - May 3

Avollmer, I also can't thank you enough for your response! I too have had 3 miscarriages and have prometrium sitting waiting to take. Ive just had my first period after the last miscarriage and was wondering about taking the prometrium before finding out I was pregnant. I am wondering about the accuracy of detecting ovulation? Chantal and Jonelle, are you really sure that you are waiting long enough after what you think is ovulation before taking the prometrium, cause if you have luteal phase defect then ovulation is later and you may actually be taking it during which may be hindering the ability to conceive - just a thought, although I'm sure you know by now your cycle. Certainly makes me think you should try it once without the prometrium - anything's worth a try eh? I think I'll wait for a positive test now after hearing what all you guys have to say about it. I can usually detect about 4 days before a test is due if I am pregnant due to sore b___bs etc so that's another option for you chantal if you want to try it that way. Hopefully success for everyone this month then!


Chantal - May 3

Hi GIRLS! well I'm on day 22 and only started prometrium yesterday. I'm not taking the LARGE dose they told me to take originally. I've decided to take 2 bullets at lunch time and before bed only. I'm cramping a lot this time! Hopefully I waiting LONG enough this time. Jonelle...the news AVOLLMER gave us is very re-a__suring...but, I don't know if it would work for me as I've been pregnant before without taking anything at all and it resulted in 2 miscarriages. Even though I took prometrium after I found out I was just wasn't good enough. My In-Vetro appointment is on the 8th...I'm looking forward to hearing what the Doctor is going to say to me! Thanks GILRS!


jonelle - May 4

Good afternoon ladies! Well...I hope that everyone is doing wonderful and getting ready to enjoy the weekend! Here is some thoughts on the latest with prometrium. You all know that I am going to do this cycle with NO prometrium...reason is, I got pregnant with my son without it and the side effects are making me feel like c___p lately. I don't know if any of you have noticed this, but I have gained like almost 10 pounds in the last 6 cycles that I have been on it...YEAH...CRAZY! I am not eating any more than normal, if anything less because I feel like c___p. I just finished my period 2 days ago and am on day 7 now and getting ready to start the "deed" today, and have already dropped 4-5 pounds. This is exactly what happens...once you stop it and get your period you lose crazy weight but as soon as you start it up again on day 16-17 you b__w right back up! So, no more for me...I am hoping that the specialist I see next friday agrees and lets me try with nothing. Secondly I was doing some extensive research with my husband a few of his doctor colleagues and we discovered that there has been a higher incidence of a condition called hypospadias in infant boys whose mother took the prometrium in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy...Look up the condidtion for the full description, but all I can tell you is that really struck a nerve at home because just last month my 2 1/2 year old Daniel was diagnosed with medial stenosis which is similar to the above disorder and my husband and I look at each other and went HHHMMMMM! I am wondering if it had anything to do with the prometrium the first time around....he has to have it surgically corrected on the 17th of this month so please pray for him as I am a basket case!!! More on that later:) So...that is where I am at right now...bally280 and avollmer, thanks for the advice! Keep me posted! Chantal....maybe you and I are doing something wrong!!! Let me know what you are up to with the prometrium and we can chat about our soon everyone!


paulam - May 5

Good Morning Ladies. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Jonelle, I am right there with you on the side effects of the Prometrium. The side effects would kick in at weird times and I would feel like a zombie. It was really scary when I was driving. And the headaches! I told my husband that I was pretty much done with it for now. What's weird is I feel like I'm going through some withdrawals with it. My doctor prescribed the prometrium as a, "let's see what this does" kind of thing. My cycles are 25 days long and although that is on the short end of normal, it's still not too short. He told me that I can try it for about three months and if I didn't like it or it didn't help, then my next step would be referral to an re for IUI. My husband I are going to probably do that in the Fall. We are hoping that we can do an IUI without the a__sistance of fertility drugs. All of our testing says that all is okay with me ovulating and everything...sperms just not making it to where it needs to be. So, we're thinking we could do the IUI without medication and be successful. And, who knows, God just might surprise us with our blessing before any attempts at an IUI are made :0). Take care ladies. Chantal, good luck with the IVF appointment!


BTJ - May 7

This is my first time here and I have found all of your posts comforting and informative. I am currently going to a fertility clinic to get help to become pregnant. I am on day 6 of Prometrium. I take 200mg twice daily and my doc has recommended pantyliners for the "leakage". I started the drug two days after insemination and will take the drug for 12 days until I am instructed to take a pregnancy test (May 14th). If the test is negative, I discontinue the Prometrium and wait for a period. If it is positive (please!!!) I continue the drug and go for a blood test and then repeat the blood test in two days to confirm a strong pregnancy and then schedule an ultrasound. If pregnant, I will continue the drug through the first trimester. My question is...has anyone been concerned with minor birth defects from Progesterone, such as cleft palate?



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