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BTJ - May 7

This is my first time here and I have found all of your posts comforting and informative. I am currently going to a fertility clinic to get help to become pregnant. I am on day 6 of Prometrium. I take 200mg twice daily and my doc has recommended pantyliners for the "leakage". I started the drug two days after insemination and will take the drug for 12 days until I am instructed to take a pregnancy test (May 14th). If the test is negative, I discontinue the Prometrium and wait for a period. If it is positive (please!!!) I continue the drug and go for a blood test and then repeat the blood test in two days to confirm a strong pregnancy and then schedule an ultrasound. If pregnant, I will continue the drug through the first trimester. My question is...has anyone been concerned with minor birth defects from Progesterone, such as cleft palate?


BTJ - May 7

I meant to put "THE RISK" of minor birth defects on my previous post. I don't want to alarm anyone.


jonelle - May 8

Good afternoon ladies! BTJ...Read my posting to everyone that I wrote a couple of days ago...I too have done alot of research and have come across some disturbing news regarding the prometrium and possible birth defects. I was never informed of this during my first pregnancy with my son and thank God he came out ok. Now, they have me on the prometrium like you where I take it starting on day 16. I have been trying for 7 months and am finding that the prmetrium is not working again from alot of research that I am doing it may actually be inhibiting implantation. I see a new specialist this Friday and am NOT doing the prometrium this cycle and see what happens. I am day 11 today and had a positive LH this morning. So, I will let you know and good luck to you. Let me know what you are thinking or any additional thoughts you might have. are you feeling? I haven't talked to you in a few days and have been thinking about you! Write back soon:)


BeautyDiva - May 10

Hello All! I'm new here and have read almost all your posts! Very informative! While I know these questions have probably been asked 100 times...i was hoping you ladies could help me out. I've had 2 mc (1 blighted ovum and a complete molar pregnancy). My doc finally put me on 100mg of Prometrium (the little round pinkish b___s) taken orally 2x's day 3 dpo. It sounds like it is more effective taken v____ally....from reading some of these posts, it seems like I can take the 100mg pills v____ally? Would the dosage still be the same?? Can I do this? Thanks!


jonelle - May 15

Greetings to all my friends! Haven't heard from anyone in a while and thought that I would write and chat. Beautydiva...yes you can take them v____ally and yes it is the same dose. That is the only way that I have ever taken them. For everyone else who knows my latest issue. I saw the new doctor on Friday and he was awesome!!! He said that he was confused as to why they had me on the prometrium to begin with because he did NOT feel that I had a luteal phase deficiency at all. So he gave me the usual annual exam and because I was on day 14 he sent me immediately for bloodwork checking my progesterone, tsh and prolactin. All of which my other practice never checked!!! He said that if it came back with a good number that he felt comfortable with then he would not have me start it on day 17 which was yesterday (monday.) So, I called the office yesterday afternoon to get the results and he told me that my progesterone levels are great and NOT to start the prometrium. I was thrilled and yet shocked at the same time that my other office has had me on this medicine for 4 months and I didn't even need it!!! I was really bitter about it and can't believe that this happened to is amazing what they will find with a little bloodwork:) So....I am off the medicine for now and hope that it works on its own. He did say that if I don't conceive within the next 3 months then we would talk about clomid. I hopefully can avoid that talk but am taking one day at a time! How are all of you doing? Chantal how are you? I haven't heard from you in ages and am getting worried!!! Let me know how everyone is soon!


Chantal - May 15

Hi Jonelle! I'm so happy for have finally found someone that will follow you closely and make sure that you'll be pregnant again! CONGRATS! I saw my Fertility Doc last week and he want's me off of EVERYTHING for the next 3 months to clear up my system. Then he suggests IUI Inuterine insemination. I don't know anymore...I'm getting such a run around and I'm just feeling really sick about it all. I just have a hard time figuring out why he'd want to do this procedure on me when I AM ABLE to get pregnant on my own! It's not the issue with me at all; although it's been 10 months since my last miscarriage so maybe I can't get pregnant anymore??? I feel better being off all the drugs but I'm upset because now I have to wait an extra 3 months before even trying again. I'm just beggining to think that it might not be "meant to be" for me! Sorry for being so negative; I don't mean to be but I've been put through the ringer and I need to internally heal before trying again. Anyway...I promise to keep reading your posts and I'll stay in touch! Take care - big hugs to you all!


minkey - May 15

BTJ - I was on prometrium for my pregnancy and was very worried about side effects. BUT, I just gave birth to my baby 2 1/2 weeks ago and so far -- he is perfectly normal: no cleft palate or anything. For me, the reward of having a baby outweighed the potential risks, which from what I can tell are pretty minimal. Chantal - good luck. I can't pretend to know the hell you've been through, but maybe 3 months off of all these drugs -- a little pregnancy "vacation" -- will be just what your poor body needs, not to mention your spirit. Just clearing everything out and resetting your body and mind may be exactly the thing you need for a pregnancy to stick. I'll continue sending good thoughts and prayers your way. On a totally random note -- have you ever done accupuncture? I've been talking with a lot of women who've had problems getting and/or staying pregnant, and a lot of them had success (after getting off all the Western drugs) with accupuncture. Just a thought. I saw an accupuncturist to induce my labor, and it worked. Who knows? But thinking of you and sending you good, healing, cleansing vibes.


xyzview - May 23

I have some spotting the past week, and my baby turns out to be 2 weeks smaller than we thought. (I am in early pregnancy stage). My doctor told me that my fluid/water was low also. I was prescribed Prometrium 200MG since blood test shows that I have less than normal Prometrium range (<11). My question is that how dangerous my situation is? -- that is: lower amount of water, smaller baby, insufficient prometrium. Will Prometrium help saving this pregnancy? Will it cause any harm to my baby? THANK YOU for any information.


redmm - May 30

hi, i'm new, here's my history...4 m/c, 1 perfect 3 year old, lost my third in March. I'm on prometrium 2oo mg 2x day. Am nervouse about another loss. Everyone seems to have lots of success, I'm just looking for some support.


gmctrek - June 2

I'm 40 and single. I'm trying IUI with sperm donor. My pergestone level for my 1st IUI was only 1 which means I did not ovulate (must me 5 or over). For my second IUI, I started taking progesterone (Prometrium) twice a day. I did ovuate - level was a 5, but I got a BFN. My cycles are usually 28 days. I should have started on 5/28. My question: I stopped taking progestone the day I got my BFN. How long will it take for my period to start? I'm now a week late. Also, will it change my ovulation day? make it later than CD14?


melgo - June 3

Hi everyone, I have been reading many of the posts here, so I guess some of my questions have been answered, but what I really want to know is if you are pg and on prometrium, does that mean the symptoms you have are from the pg or from the prometrium or what? I want to know if what I am feeling is real or just because of the meds. Here is my history- I am 40yo and just found out I am pg for the 11th time. I have 3 living children. I had two sons when I was very young and then got divorced and remarried. We got pg immediately and then m/c. I have no problem getting pg, it is just maintaining them that is the problem. After 6 m/c and many, many tests on both dh and I they finally did an endometrial biopsy which showed my lpd. This was a shocker for me as no one else had ever suggested it, probably because of my sons. Anyway-dh and I decided to stop trying and conceived again and I was put on progesterone suppositories, 50 mg 2x a day) and our beautiful daughter was born in 2003. I went on birth control after she was born, because we didn't want to continue going through the cycle of loss we had been on. When she was 1yo went off birth control, but it took me a year to get my cycle back on track and then more than another yr before I conceived. Even with the progesterone I m/c last summer and being almost 40 dh and I decided we were done. Dh scheduled to get a vasectomy and the dr had to reschedule, but for one reason after another he never had the procedure done and we found out that I was expecting again about 1 month ago. Based off of my last period I should be almost 11wks, but my u/s a little over a week ago showed me 3 wks behind where I thought I should be. The good thing though is this time my dr put me on prometrium, 100mg 2x a day, so twice the dose I got with my dd. When I had my u's the sac and the baby showed to be at 6 wks. Although this was promising, since I normally have missed m/c and have to have d&c's, the fact I was 3 weeks behind and they could't see ahb yet makes me nervous. I was measuring 6w1d when by the u/s measurements and the dr said that was early, but alot of women have said they saw hb's at 6wks. If you made it this far thank you so much. Sorry for just unloading like this, but I am really nervous right now. Mel


Godz Girl - June 5

Hello My Sisters! Your posts have definitely been a blessing. Thank you for sharing. I found out I was pregnant yesterday. I am excited, but also a little guarded. I also have had a history of miscarriages, and I am 36. My dr. put me on 200 mg. of prometrium yesterday. I am taking it both v____ally and orally. I am keeping hope alive! I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.


Neenka - June 7

Hi Godz Girl!!! I'd love to be in touch with you. I'm also 36 and I'm "late" as of right now. I also have a history of miscarriages. My last pregnancy, I made it into my 6 month. I went into premature labor..probably b/c of fibroids though. I took progesterone suppositories and did well with them. Besides losing the baby, the other bad thing is that i was severely sick the enitre pregnancy. I had hyperemesis. Neenka


susiear - June 22

I'm in my first pregnancy of 7 weeks and started bleeding bright red blood 6 days ago. I went to the ER the day after the bleeding began, on a saturday night and they did a pelvic exam, v____al ultrasound and lab blood work. Everything seems to look OK (that's what they told) They also explain to me that because they were able to hear the baby's heartbeat the chances of miscarriage drop from 50% to 10% and that I should return to my normal life and contact my doctor after the weekend. I keept bleeding 2 days after and monday called my OB-Gyn, I never talk with her, instead the nurse or PA order me progesterone levels and prescribe me Pometrium 100mg X2 . The Results before I took the med were <5 so she called me very concern and ask me to repeat the test again today after 4 pills on prometrium. I went this morning to the lab and gotta wait until monday to get my results and hopefully the levels can raise to normal. I'm so anxious about the waiting.. I'm still bleeding bright red blood but I can only see on the toilet tissue after I wipe, the amount is like a light bleeding period w/no cloths. I only have oca__sional mild c___pming that last for a minute or less not intense and nothing compared to my regular cramps when I have my regular period. I hope everything turns out ok because this is my first pregnancy ever and I don't want to have a miscarriage, there are some of you who know what is like..... What do you think about my story ladies? I'll keep u updated about how we're doing. Susie


Godz Girl - July 26

Neenka...How are you doing?


susiear - July 26

Well it's been almost a month since my last cisit... I lost my baby 2 days after my prior post (june 24th) It was a complete spontanous abortion... I didn't need for a D&C and right now I'm waiting for my period so I can start all over again and next time I'll take prometrium since the beginning and hopefully I'll have my precious baby... good luck ladies. Susie



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