Prometrium Progesterone Tell Me About It

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nicole - July 3

I'm 35 and have had 2mscgs-I was prescribed PROMETRIUM but told not to take it until I became pregnant!?!?? I've read here some Drs. advising to take starting day14-any one disagree w/this?


shelibeli - July 8

I have been seeing a fetility doc for about 3 cycles. I have taken my 2nd cycle of clomid, and after the day 14 ultrasound showed 4 egg sacks ready to go, doc put me on 200mg of prometrium 3x a day, until i get my period or find out i am pregnant. I havr not been sick feeking, but I have been really drowsy and unfocused, especially in the late afternoon just after I take my second dose..anybody else?


cryss - July 8

shelibeli, why did yoru doctor put you on such a high dose of Prometrium. I think he may be overdosing you. I only take 200mg a day and I jsut found out I was preg. a few wks ago. I asked my doct. why was I on only 200 mg and he said some doct. overmedicate. That seems really high. Do they take your blood to check your progesterone level? I bet it really high. Being tired could be from being preg. or could be from all the meds. you are on.


shelibeli - July 8

cryss...i don't know why so high a dosage, although looking at some of the postings others are on the same. But thanks for the info...i will call my doc tomorrow...congrats on your pregnancy!


cryss - July 11

shelibeli, Let me know what your doct. says,w ill you? Is it your regular doctor or your gyno?


shelibeli - July 11's actually my fertility gyno...he said if the tiredness was really bothersome, i could go down to 2 a day...thanks for the help!!


Kellie - July 15

Thanks for all the advice. I miscarried a few months ago. We are preg. again and now my doctor has me on 200 1xday. I am so glad to know I am not alone. Best of luck to all.


Kari - July 16

Hi, my dr put me on progesterone once a day at night since I had a previous m/c. So far feeling ok...I'm only about 5 weeks and nervous...


Kellie - July 19

Kari- I am in the same boat as you. I miscarried in March. I will be 5 weeks preg. on Sat. I am taking 200 1x at night. The nurse told me that is the best because it will make you SUPER tired. Keep me posted on your progress. I should know my levels again tomorrow (they did a blood test again on Mon.). I tested an 8 at 12 DPO what were your levels?


Ashley - July 19

I was just put on 200mg of PROMETRIUM 2x/day yesterday. I have had some spotting for the first time of my pregnancy after they put me on this. Has anyone else experienced this?


cryss - July 20

Were you suppose to have your periond around that time? If so, this could be the reason for the spotting. You could always call your doctor to make sure that everything is fine if you are concerned. If you aren't bleeding, you are probably fine.


Garnett - July 21

Hello all...I was just put on prometrium on yesterday. I am taking 100mg 3x day. My progesterone levels on Monday was 6.5. I am 4 weeks pregnant and suppose to go back next week for another blood test, now that I am on the progesterone. Can someone tell me what my numbers should be by 5 weeks? Also has anyone taken prometrium and had healthy babies?


Kellie - July 21

Garnett- My doctor said your levels should be between 11-49 during the first trimester. Maybe it was low because you are very early preg. I tested an 8 at 3.5 weeks preg. I will be 5 weeks this Sat. and when they tested me on Wed. I was already at 21.9 after only 5 days of Prometrium so hang in there, it works.


shikha - July 25

I have a problem of irregular bleeding , & my doctor has given to eat PROMETRIUM 200mg ,twice a day,& avidia 4mg once aday .So i want to know can i get pregnent while taking these medicine?


tooty_bugg - July 27

Hi ladies, on 07-25-05 found out that was pregnant! Doc put me on prometrium 200mg 1 a day at bed time, and it's orally. Started taking it 2 days ago. I too have had a history of 3 total m/c's. I couldnt find a site that spoke of women taking this while pregnant, I am soo glad that I found this site. It has gave me a more ++ outlook. My due date is 04-04-06 and I have my first u/s 08-08. All of you are in my prayers, stay ++ and my saying, It's in God's Hands! Good Luck and God Bless!!!!


Garnett - July 27

Hello I mentioned earlier a week ago I found out that my progesterone levels were 6.5 and I was about 4 weeks pregnant. My doctor put me on the Prometrium a week ago and I was asked to come in to take my levels again this past Monday. I am happy to report that my levels are 84! So the doctor decreased by dosage from 3 x a day to 1 x daily. I am just praying that everything else goes find. I just all of you to be encouraged because you all encouraged me so! Thank you all so much!



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