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Garnett - July 27

Hello I mentioned earlier a week ago I found out that my progesterone levels were 6.5 and I was about 4 weeks pregnant. My doctor put me on the Prometrium a week ago and I was asked to come in to take my levels again this past Monday. I am happy to report that my levels are 84! So the doctor decreased by dosage from 3 x a day to 1 x daily. I am just praying that everything else goes find. I just all of you to be encouraged because you all encouraged me so! Thank you all so much!


Kellie - July 28

Garnett- Congrats. It does work! I am going this Tuesday for an ultrasound. I am pretty hopeful as I am sooo nauseous so I think things are working! Keep us posted!


preg in mn - August 1

I started taking Prometrium 200mg 3x/day at the beginning of my 5th wk. We had been trying for 6 mos. and we decided to start testing (no history of miscarriages and last pregnancy resulted in a baby boy). So far no problems with taking the meds, I find that resting does help with any side effects. I have also been craving Raisin Bran which helps with nausea and supposedly fatigue (because of the fiber).


Audra - August 6

Wow! I am so happy I found this site! I found out I was pregnant July 16th. I went to the doctor to get blood work and all that good stuff. A few days later his nurse called me back and told me that my HCG levels were low. Of course by this being my 1st pregnancy, I freaked out. She told me that the doctor wants me to take Prometrium orally 2 times a day. I am now 7 1/2 weeks pregnant ( and still taking the Prometrium), and I just wanted to know if the Prometrium can harm the baby? Thanks in advance!!


Maria Ponce - August 9

Hi, My story is long and crazy. I'm 5 weeks or 7 weeks pregnant doctors can't figure it out. My sonogram shows the gestational scak is 5 weeks old but due to my last menstrual period I'm 7 weeks. I have been v____ally bleeding with slight cramping for 2 weeks now. The songram shows that I have a very very irregular sac with no fetal pole 2 weeks ago. I went to the doctors office yesterday and all the sudden there is a faint heart beat. The doctor dx my case with blighted ovum but now there are changes. He started me on Prometrium 200mg three times a day and complete bedrest til Friday 8/12/05. My HCG levels started at 4,800.then 3 days later went to 8200 then two days later 11,279. I had another level drawn 08/08/05 and they are 23,828. I don't know what to think what to do but I'm curious can you have blighted ovum which is no fetus with a slight heartbeat and hcg levels elevating. I hope you have some answers for me.


Tara - August 12

hello everyone!!! Im 21 years old. i have had 2 always seems to happen around the same time. the doctor just recently gave me the progesterone pills:100 mil.he seems to think possibly my body isnt producing enough? I will not start taking until next month. im very nervous. i really hopes it helps!!!i have never even heard of any of this..???anyone have any advice to a first time progesterone user?!


Raquel - August 21

Hey Im 6 week pregnant and also my doctor precribe me Prometrium and of course i feel much better and my hcg is very high ,,,and i know with God first i will have a healthy Pregnancy..


Kari - August 21

I'm at 11 weeks and have been taking the progesterone suppositories. My dr said I can stop taking them at 13 weeks. Has anyone been on it after 13 weeks? Or can they perscribe something else? I'm a little nervous going off this.


sam - August 21

can progeterone it stop you from getting your period even if your not pregnant


shelibeli - August 23

Yes, Progesterone can delay your period. I have been seeing a fertility specialist for several months now, and after each treatment, he puts me on progesterone a couple days after I may have conceived, to prevent miscarriage. Although I have not yet become pregnant, the progesterone has delayed my period each time by about 3 days. It also makes it come on very slowly, like it's barely there. I fyou are in a similar situation, be prepared for some confusion!!


nichole - August 24

I have had two healthy preg. and it took 5 years to concieve again both of these pregnancies ended in miscar. I am pregnant again for the 5th time and the doc also gave me prometrium at 5 3/4 that time my vag. ultrasound reveled no heartbeat, but the doc says thats normal, and at my 8 week visit we should see one....hope for the best


angela - August 24

I just found out that I am pregnant I dont know how far I am but I have had 2 mc and my dr. put me on 200mg 2Xday I dont know really why and I am so nervous about this one, I have had a bad backache if any one else has let me know.


ah23234 - August 25

Congrats on pregnancy!! I was put on the same medicine two years ago and my son will be two next month. So yes this medicine works. I'm actually taking it again now due to my husband and I would like to try again for a girl. I've heard this medicine is used for the lining of the uterus. Also used as a progesterone hormone for women who have polycystic ovaries.


Chrissy - September 24

Yes i had a miscarriage after my first baby and went on it and had a successful pregnancy and healthy baby girl i also just found out i am pregnant and am taking it again so wish me luck


Kim - November 3

Thanks so much for sharing your story. I am taking it now and my husband loves the fact that I am slowed down. sleepy all of the time. i actually listen to dolphin music and it helps with the nausea. can you believe that. my cats love it too. good luck to you!


Jeannie - November 14

Congrats to all who are pregnant!! But please help a fellow "TTC'er" out...I've recently been laced on 200mg of Prometrium for Luteal Phase Defect (cycle is 26 days w/O on day 18). Apparently I dont' have enough progesterone to a) get pregnant and b) stay pregnant...has anyone been in a similiar situation that can offer advice?? How long did it take to get pregnant after taking the prometrium? My cycle is as consistent as the sun rising and setting - which means I'm ovulating, right?? Any help or words of advise would sure be welcomed....



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