Proof That Men Know Nothing

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Jenett - March 16

My husband just asked me how the baby keeps from just falling out. I told him he should have paid more attention in health class!


JLorenzo - March 16

Hahahaha!!! That is funny! Did you tell him that you placed duct tape in your cervix when he was sleeping? That is funny!


Jenett - March 16

Actually I told him I'd have to walk around with my thighs closed really tight and not sit on the toilet too long.


JLorenzo - March 16

That is fantastic! Your message made my day!


leslie - March 16

hahaahhahahha! You should of told him that its there were s_x cames in...That "that" helps it push it up everytime its sleeping through your body!!


Misty - March 16

Oh god, Leslie if she said that she would never get s_x again. How about just telling him that it is like space in there. There is no sense of gravity and that is how that baby stays suspended. lmao.


tiffani - March 16

We didn't need anymore proof! :o) Just kidding JLorenzo and Grandpa Viv!


JLorenzo - March 16

Tiffani, the insults are becoming overwhelming! I feel like I have to wives! Just kidding...keep em coming!


lilmama - March 16

that is so funny- here is more proof, i am pregnant with twins and my husband asked me if my stomach would get big on both sides, "like a big b___t" He said he was looking forward to calling me b___t belly. Men are like children, they say the darndest things


bump - March 22



Lola - March 24

U people should stop, i'm about to have a heart attack LOL U are all sooo funny ! My kids are seriously staring at me ,they see mommy laughing out loud while she's staring at the compu screen ! Keep going , keep going ......


karen - April 4

You made my day with that one !! LOL at work thank God noone was around. I have to share this with my friends Although my bf dont know much I try to explain every detail to him he just knobs and say ok


D - April 5

Ummm.... If we got double bumps from twins, imagine triplets... quads... :)


toes - April 5

you needed PROOF that men know nada abt babies??? We can fake it some of the time, but when it comes right down to it we'll be the ones doing something we consider fun with the baby and just get women shaking their heads at us, doing a slow turn around so they don't holler. They don't yell because they know it's just gonna happen for the next 18 years or so. :) Heck, when my daughters start dating (shudder), I'm gonna be greeting their dates with a pot on my head and asking THEM to dance. hee hee hee My girls'll hate me for it, but at least I'll know that whoever they go out with has a wicked sense of humor, specially if they refuse to dance unless they get to lead.


sm - April 6

No wonder men dont learn, when they ask a questoin they dont get an answer, then you laugh at them for being ignorent. i think i read somewhere the only stupid questoin is the one that doesnt get asked. I know if i gave a smart arse comment to one of my hubbys questions it would be the last time he would ever ask me bout anything to do with babys.


Misty - April 6

I laugh at my man all the time when he says stupid things. It is just that he knows I love him and we have been together long enough that he knows I ask stupid questions too sometimes. (The car is slippng, what do you mean the car is slipping. I don't feel anythingwhen I drive it.) We know about things that they don't and they know about things that we don't. I think your guy is quite sensitive if he takes offense if someone finds humor in his mistakes.


Misty - April 6

Adding to that. Yes, she made a smart a__s comment. But, she did it in jest, not to be hurtfull or mean. That makes a lot of difference.



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