Pros And Cons Of Having A Baby Girl Boy

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Po - May 3

Ok. So I've read that some of you think it's easier to clean a boy. I've also read that girls tend to sleep better than boys and cry less (I have no idea if this is true!). It would be interesting for me to know, from those of you who are lucky enough to have had one of each, if you noticed any differences (Aside from the obvious!) between the two s_xes. I'm having a girl this time but I hope to have a son one day. What are the pros and cons (If any.)of having a girl or a boy?


bump - May 3

id really like to know this too! im 7 months preggo with a baby boy


??!! - May 4

Hey bump (if it really is the infamous "bump")...the cat gave your tongue back? You finally sc___ped together enough brainpower to give a more than one word response? Ha! Glory be! bump, hump, ump


Maddie - May 4

I would like to know also...I'm having a boy, and I know that I was better than my brother...he had a really LOW tolerance for pain, and cried a lot. BUt, there are a lot of women who have had boys...that just rave on how boys are so great. Of course, these women ONLY have I'd like to know too.


Maleficent - May 4

i've got one of each. i really cant say there are any "cons" to either one, it's just...different. i think girls are much easier to clean, you just run the credit card. lol. boys pee on you. my son was very laid back, always happy, hardly ever cried. my daughter was more emotional. as toddlers my daughter has been faster on the language front, she's potty trainned sooner, she walked sooner. my boy just took his time. he's smart as can be now, but just developed a little behind the curve. i would love for our next baby to be a boy or a girl. they we're both alot of fun.


Po - May 4

So girls are easier to clean than boys??? I heard about boys peeing on you, so in that respect I'm glad I'm having a girl. At least I can get into the whole diaper changing routine without any nasty surprises! :)


tehProgamer - May 4

hahahah! once the baby is out you wont think anymore about the pros and cons i believe


Bella - May 4

My first baby was a boy and he cried a lot and had colic for the first 6months. He never spit up and he never peed on me so not all boys do that. He started walking at 8.5 months quick is really early and he never stops playing or moving and he's almost 2 now. I'm pregnant again and I have a feeling its a girl and I'm hoping that she will be a lot more laid back that my son has been.


Heidi - May 4

I agree. Boys will pee on ya and ya have to have to have them circ_msized. I heard that's not fun either. Plus when potty training they have to have really good aim. Girls just sit down and go. BUT I'd rather have a teenage boy than girl at the rate things are going in this world!!!!


monica - May 4

I have a boy now and he was the best baby. Slept through the night after 2 months, never cried unless hungry or needed to be changed. I had him circ_mcised and that was very easy and healed nicely. He walked at 9 months. Potting training was taught sitting down first and then standing and was completely done within a month and no messes. I hear boys are more affectionate and he is so sweet. He covers me with the blanket, brings my slippers, brings me water. I never had a girl but been around my nieces. They cried a lot more but seem a little more calmer and not so hyper. But they wont get me anything and want to be treated like princesses ;)


jb - May 4

As of right now I only have a boy but have 2 babies on the way so I might get a girl. I know that my son is so laid back, and extremely smart. He never cries. Now my friends that have girls the same age are different. Their little girls tend to cry a lot more and need a huge amount od attention. Hopefully one day I will be able to experiance both!


bump - May 4



Misty - May 4

Sounds like there are lots of differences from baby to baby, not just boy to girl. I have a boy and he had a huge problem with gas. Everytime he ate it was a battle to get the air up and he would cry and cry. He is super sweet though. Rubs my cheek if I pout and wakes me up in the morning with a kiss and a hug. :-) I truly think the only absolute difference between a boy and a girl is the way you will change the diaper.


Jane - May 4

Just a note you do not have to get your son circ_msized. There is more and more information from dr. discouraging the procedure. Unless you are doing it for religious reasons I highly suggest you read the pros and cons before doing it. Mother of an intact 100& son



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