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BECCA - February 10

I am 12 weeks pregnant and my blood pressure was high at my last appointment 2 weeks ago. They decided to run some labs to include a 24H urine. There was a high level protein in my urine. Has anyone ever experianced this?


k - February 12

Yes! I had high blood pressure at 14 weeks and my GP called the hospital to ask for advice. They didn't seem too worried even though I had protein in my urine. How high was your blood pressure? Mine was 150/100 and they said not to worry unless it gets higher than that. My GP said pre-eclampsia is unheard of before 20 weeks but they are keeping an eye on it just in case. Have they taken blood tests? I had one to check liver function which can be reduced if you have pre-eclampsia. It came back fine and that stopped me worrying. Good luck.


louise - February 13

protein in the urine usually signifies a il bladder infection, although this should be treated soon, the blood pressure is of more priority. make sure they double check your urine for an infection coz that can eventually affect the baby, though at the moment isnt too much of a concerbn


Becca - February 15

Yes, they have checked my liver and it was low. But my bloos pressure well, the diastolic at least has not been over 95 yet so I am not too worried. They are going to do an ultra sound at my next appointment to make sure the baby is growing normally. Thank you soooo much k and louise for your input!


shannon - August 6

what does protein in urine mean


to Becca - August 6

Hypertension and protein in the urine are two cla__sic symptoms of pre-eclampsia, a condition that only occurs during pregnancy. Are you having any swelling? You should ask your doctor about pre-eclampcia because it is something that definantely needs to be controlled with diet, blood pressure medication or rest. I had pre-eclampsia at the end of my first pregnancy and everything turned out just fine but I was induced a week early.


jackie - September 26

yes i have. i was 2 days prior to my due date to have my daughter when i found out i had high protein. they had to induce me protect my daughter. she came out perfectly healthy. but everyone is different. go get checked to make sure youre ok and your baby.



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