Psst Jlorenzo W An Update

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JLorenzo - May 20

Abby turned 2 weeks yesterday. So far things have settled down a bit. She has her fussy periods in which Stacey and I cannot do anything to get her to stop. We run down the laundry list, clean? hungry? warm enough? burped? Sometimes the girl just needs to cry. I updated with pictures of the little one. Stacey has been great adjusting to the added responsibility. She has let me sleep through the night this week as I am back to work. Had my Mother-in-Law here all week (she leaves tomorrow). The hardest part of this week is knowing that either my daughter will be fussy, wife will be tired or MIL will be annoying when I get home. Funny b/c I have spoken to friends who can relate to adjusting back to work and juggling the baby when they get home. While it is hard for my wife to be home all day with the baby, it is also hard working all day and then going home to work some more. I call it being "terminally clocked in!" Not complaining. Just adjusting... Hope all is well with everyone!


Karen - May 20

Good to hear that all is well. I can only image for now what is happening. I have four months to go and cannot wait. All the best !!!!


JLorenzo - May 20

Congrats Karen. Enjoy the next 4 months. Trust me, I didn't listen to people offering that advice and now I wish I had. Being a parent is a wonderful thing, but being selfish is also a valuable thing for your sanity! So take each day and enjoy it for what it is!!! Geez, I sound like a Priest!


Karen - May 20

Thank you for the advise and you sund like some who knows what they are saying !!. BF and I are spending as much time together and he has been very social spending time with friends. We know that once the baby comes that is it. Our lives are changed forever, it is all about him then.


monica - May 20

nice to hear updates. I have 10 weeks to go and getting excited and scared. I hope everyone is like and keeps in touch after their deliveries. Its nice to hear these stories.


BBK - May 20

Josh, she looks great man! You must be so proud and happy!!! It's good things kinda settle down after two weeks because I think I need to go back to work after that -- I'll probably be begging to ;-)


JLorenzo - May 20

BBK, I went through this major guilt thing as the day I had to go back to work approached. Part of me wanted to go back to work and the other part felt like I was abandoning my family. I am here if you need to talk about things buddy. I hope the pregnanacy is progressing well for you all.


BBK - May 21

Josh all is good, thanks; she has some stomach discomfort. I guess the uterus is pushing up against it. Just 8 weeks to go.....


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 22

Sounds like reality beat the c___p out of you. Lol. Hang in there daddy, it gets easier. By 3 months, you'll look back on these stressful adjustments and just laugh, as you will all be settled into a routine. Is Stacey going to be a stay at home mom or does she plan on returning to work??? Atleast she can sleep when the baby sleeps, that's a huge plus! I'll be having my 3rd C section, and will also have a 3 year old and a 21 month old to contend with after my hubby goes back to work. I'm dreading those early days. Your daughter is a beauty! :o)



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