Pubic Bone Pain

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nhb--EDD 11/16/05 - August 23

I am 27 w, 6 days along w/ baby #2, and lately, especially while walking, I have had this terrible pain right on my pubic/pelvic bone (where they measure the fundal height from). It literally feels like my bone is going to break, and it has caused me to actually cry on occasion. I feel like such a baby about this . . . I never had this in my last pregnancy (I had pressure, but not this sharp pain), and I've already called my doctor so much, I believe they will think me a total hypochondriac. Has anyone else experienced this pain? And can you tell me if it was associated with a first or subsequent pregnancy? I'm just not sure if this is normal, and like I said, I hate to call the dr's office now b/c the nurses all think I overreact all the time. I really appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you, and I hope your due dates don't seem to take forever to get here!


Andrea - August 23

I had pubic bone pain with my second child. I tried to talk to my doc about how severe it was but he always told me it was the bones loosening for delivery. I did what research I could (not a lot of info out there on the subject) and found a study that linked women of nordic descent with the pain. I am six feet tall and of nordic descent so I a__sumed maybe that had something to do with it. I did light stretching on the floor and a few yoga moves. Although they did not completly get rid of the pain it did help dull it. I am 31.5 weeks now with my third daughter and my edd is 10/21/05. I began stretching around 20 weeks and so far I have had no problems. The only time my hips and pubic bone bother me now is when I sleep. I hope that helps :o)


April McIntyre - August 23

WITH # 1 I never had terrible pain with my pelvis spreading , with number 2 it was like you described , my mom says it got progressively worse with each of her 5. On a positive note thoe, my labor got MUCH EASIER as well, It literally cut the labor time in half so good luck dearie


t - August 24

i am on my 2nd child and i have the same i am 24 weeks .


Amanda - August 24

I had the pain with both of my pregnancies. I believe I was around 25-30 weeks pg when I started having the pains. I remember it hurting pretty bad. The best thing I could do was to just lie down and rest until it eased up some. Hope it goes away soon, and good luck!


Ranya - August 25

Last time my doc measured my uterus and applied some pressure on my pubic bone, it was extremely painful. I'm 31 wks and this is my first baby. Found some info at (leave in hyphens in "plus-size-pregnancy").


Michelle - August 25

I get the same also. The pain seems to be the same as it was on my first pregnancy. Cant move around bed and I got up off the couch last night and felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife in that area! Its so darn painful!!!! I am only at 17 weeks! UGH!!!



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