Puppp Preggy Rash Remedy

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Cindy - June 18

I think I have PUPPP (skin rash in pregnancy). Does anyone have a home remedy I could try? Tired of the creams and lotions what-have-you that don't help much. Help! before I itch myself to death :( by not being able to sleep! Hubby says I scratch and snore at the same time!!Yes, it's that bad :(


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - June 18

I had this too with my first pregnancy, It is awful. How far along are you? There is no home remedy that I know of. I also tried every anti-itch cream I could find, nothing worked. From what I understand the only treatment is as steroid cream you can get from a dermatologist. Call you Dr. asap and get their opinion. The only thing that gave me temporary relief was oatmeal paste put on the area and getting in a cool pool. GL.


-m- - June 20

I was about to post a question similar to this but saw yours :-). I was hoping to find many responses but unfortunately seems like it's only a few of us suffering from this :-(. help anyone?


MER - June 27

I too have PUPPP. So far I have not been able to find anything that works. I've tried all kinds of creams, lotions, oatmeal baths, etc. Nothing is helping. However, I did just order some soap from rainiersoapworks.com The soap is called PUPPP relief. I've only used it for two days so I haven't noticed a ton of difference, but it does have good reviews. I'll keep using is to see what happens. I'm seeing the doctor today. Hopefully they'll be something else I can try. I've also been told taking Dandelion Root and Flax Seed Oil pills will help. I am not trying these unless I get the okay from the doctor. Please post if you find anything else out.


nhb - June 27

I had this w/ my first pregnancy. Luckily, I got it just at around 36.5 weeks, so I only suffered for a week and a half, then I was induced. That's the only way to get rid of it--have you spoken with your prenatal care provider about if they'll induce to get rid of PUPPP, or is that something you would even consider? Definitely, nothing works at all. It's so miserable, I feel for you.


L - July 13

Anyone tried Sarna? It's a non-steroid anti-itch cream. Relief is temporary, but atleast there is relief!! I carried it like it was my life support when I suffered from PUPPP.


ARmomof3 - December 31

I had PUPPP during pregnancy. Around week 34, I developed this horrible, red, itchy rash all over my abdomen, my arms, my legs, my b___sts. I really thought I was going to lose my mind with this rash. My doctor suggested a few creams that didn't work. As a last resort, he prescribed a steroid cream as well as steroid pills. And ladies, I want you to know that the steoids worked. I can't tell you how relieved I was. The itching stopped. The rash DID NOT go away, but the steroids took away the itching. Be warned, though, that the steroid medication was a 10-day cycle. When the cycle was over, the itching came back. And the itching stayed with me until about 3 weeks after my son was born. Talk to your doctors about a steroid intervention. IT WORKED!!!



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