Putting The Yahoo Group To Rest

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tiffani~56 days to go!! - September 6

My apologies to everyone who went out of their way to join Babydaze2005, and who were excited (as I was) at the prospect of growing friendships. It's obvious to me that this is just not going to work. I've tried and I have not succeeded. All this has done is cause tension and grief, and that is the complete opposite of what my intentions were. My apologies to Amy. I deleted you and several others whom I did not recognize, as I was trying to begin the group with familiar names and with those I felt comfortable with. I'm sorry, but I just didn't recognize you. Thank you to those of you who supported me when others were critical, and when I wasn't able to defend myself. I think for now i'll just stick to email, it's just easier that way. If anyone would like to take over the group, just speak up and i'll pass over the info. Thanks!! :o)


Amy - September 6

Tiffani that fine i just thought that what i posted about me and i even put pic of my family so maybe you would feel better about who i was i have only been on here since may and i don't post alot :)


tiffani~56 days to go!! - September 6

Again Amy, I am so very sorry. To tell you the truth, i'm so computer illiterate that I didn't even realize you posted pictures. I look forward to getting to know you on here! :o)


Lisa*9 - September 6

To Taffani and all the rest of the readers of this site. Sorry to hear about all the problems, I for one maybe caused some of it. Sorry for what I did. APOLOGIZES ACCEPTED on my end. You sure do have a good heart,and you are a VERY GOOD PERSON, your friends are fornunate to have you and so are all of us who post on this forum.


Beccah - September 6

Tiffani, I also feel like I too contributed to a lot of the grief you have experienced. I shouldn't have taken it upon myself to announce anything about the group that YOU started. You have only 56 days to go and I"m sure you don't need to worry about a bunch of people from here accusing you of being a cult leader and leaving people out and stuff. I'm glad that you are putting the group to rest though. It really was a GREAT idea, and I too was so excited about it and saw great opportunities with it. Some feelings got hurt though which I am sure wasn't your intention. I just wish people were mature enough on this board so that you wouldn't have to feel like you needed another site to screen them out. You really are a great person to try to make a place safe for all of us to get to know each other and ask questions without the fear of being yelled at. Thanks again, and congrats on you only having, what two - three months left?? OMG you're almost there girl!!


Lissi - September 7

Sorry it didn't work out Tiffani. I was kind of waiting for it to be properly up and running before I joined. It was a great idea in theory. Never mind. Hope you will still post on here sometimes, because so many people seem to have disappeared and I miss them! I know it's pretty sad to miss people you don't even know, but I do. :( Despite the problems with this forum, I'd say for the most part, I've had a lot of fun with people here. Ah well, nothing lasts forever......Except my pregnancy!


? - September 7

So, does anyone else wanna take over the Yahoo group?


kEEKEE - September 7

Sorry to hear this Tiff. You tried and it just didn't work out. No one should blame themselves for what happen. Anyhoo, Sorry I can't take over the group. I just have too much going on at home. Home schooling has started back up. Take care everyone!!!!


well... - September 7

I'm not sure what you expected Tiffani. You advertised the group, and didn't specify who was allowed to join. You posted your email, so people could send you their addresses! Maybe you should've specified who you were posting it for. On the other hand, those that didn't know Tiffani, shouldn't have taken it upon themselves to automatically join the group. Now , when they get rejected, they act like school girls trying to join the "popular group". Then they cry and whine and stir a up a fuss, and ruin it for those that dont. The group was a good idea. Now, not so much! I dont see why though, you have to end the group, or hand over the responsibilities to someone else? If you just stick to your origional agenda, it would work out! Who cares if peoples feelings get hurt? If they were smart in the first place, and realised who the group was for, they shouldn't feel offended! Grow up people, and quit acting like children!


to well - September 7

seems to me your the one acting like the teen and if it is a public group then what any one in the world could go and look for a group on yahoo and join and not no who the heck tiffani is or even this sight and join so they are acting like teens cause the came a cross a group that they thought would be nice


Mary - September 7

Some of us are using the group the get to know each other. I am willing to take over. Please send me the info - i am pandareina in the group. Thanks.


HI Mary - September 7

My name is babymelon belly (Jessica) in the group and will help you if you need it. I still post to messages in the group and still like the idea of it.


tiffani~55 days to go!! - September 7

Mary~ I'll forward the info over to the email address you gave me when you signed up. Thanks! :o)


tiffani~55 days to go!! - September 7

Mary~ Actually on second thought, let me do some checking around before I do that. I promised to keep the email addresses confidential, and don't want to go back on my word. I know there were quite a few people who used their own personal addresses, as opposed to a Yahoo or Hotmail account opened just for this occasion. It might take me a couple of days to get to it because my time is really limited right now, but I will work on it. Thanks again for your help. :o)



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