Query Miscarriage And Dates

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Angela.B.L - January 19

Hi all, my last period was 27/11/06 due to stress at work and antibiotics etc i did not question being late for my periord. However, my husband had a feeling so i did a test only last week. Instantly it was positive. My midwife calculated that i was 7/8wks pregnant and all was fine. On tue when i went for a shower i noticed blood, not a small amount but by no means a huge amount either and i was booked in for an emergency scan - i have had no more bleeding and no pain other than the dull like period pains that i have had since my dec period was due. Anyway at the scan today they said it could be a pregnancy that hasn't continued - but surely it would have come away by now or a very early pregnancy - the sac etc is there. I am very confused!! And very nervous. Could this mean that i got pregnant just before my dec period was due? Has anyone had a similar experience. I will not know if its a pregnancy that wont continue or if its an early one until my next scan which is 2 weeks away or unless i have obvious signs of a miscarriage. Thanks x


chandellina - January 21

hi angela, it's possible you ovulated late. are you having symptoms? unfortunately it's also possible for a miscarriage to take several weeks to happen naturally. if at all possible, i would ask to have another scan sooner, just so you know. best wishes.


Angela.B.L - January 21

Thanks Chandellina. Its horrible - i did not realise that a miscarriage could take so long - if that is what it is. I thought it would happen pretty immediately. The sonographer wanted me to go back within a week but the midwife said if i could wait for 2 weeks the better as if there is a baby it would give it a chance to grow. I just feel that its unlikely. I dont know, the waiting is the worse i think x


chandellina - January 22

angela, i agree the waiting is the worst (I unfortunately have had two miscarriages and went through that waiting game both times). any growth will be clear within one week so i don't see why your midwife wants you to go through this torture.



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