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GodHelpMe - May 31

umm ok i sound liek an idiot...but what intercourse?guys im really scared....what if im pregnet, i dont knwo what i would do.. i would have to haeva kid, and my parents would hate me and probly kick me out of my house, and my boyfriend would probly kill himselfe?!?!


soimpatient - May 31

Intercourse is when p___s enters v____a...AKA S_x. P.S. I don't think you are ready for it!


HannahBaby - May 31

You didnt have s_x with your boyfriend!! you made out in a hot tub and touched each other OUTSIDE of your clothes. Stop posting your ridiculous questions because people are going to stop responding. If he didnt ejaculate (do i have to explain to you what that is too?) then theres no way that your pregnant, espically in a hot tub with your clothes on. Get real.


Linda99 - May 31

Hannah hang on a minute. I know this sounds like a prank but you don't know for sure that this girl isn't truly ignorant to the nature of s_x. Don't be so obnoxious. To Godhelpme, intercourse is when a p___s enters the v____a and then the man ejaculates sperm into the v____a (it looks like a creamy lotion) If you did not do this then you CANNOT be pregnant. However if you have missed your period there may be something else going on medically and you should talk to your parents about it. Or look for a Planned Parenthood near you (if you live in the states). Either way you need to find out why you missed your period and you also need some s_xual education.However if this is a prank, please save the rest of us the trouble of replying to your gibberish.


Ddvinson3 - May 31

Ok please don't have s_x! You need to educate yourself on the topic first! You can't be pregnant if you didn't even have s_x!


HannahBaby - May 31

he didnt even ejaculate yet alone have s_x!!


GodHelpMe - May 31

he did his swim suit...and i do know what brain is way out of place latly ok..but i have not had intercourse...y does everyone have to be so mean to me?


Rhonda - May 31

If you need anything else just post on the same thread b/c you have to many going.


brandie84 - June 1

i have a iud i had it for the last 4 months and i dont fell it and i have not felt it amd i have missed my periiod for more 6 dalys


justine - June 1

What????? GHM------GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


brandie84 - June 1

i have not hade my period in 7 days i have a iud for 4 months buy i have not felt it in a couple of months could i be pregnat


Corrine321 - June 1

Why are people being so mean to this girl? Lately theres been alot of mean people in these forums and its getting very annoying... why cant people just be nice for once! I'm sorry GHM that everyone is acting like this... I dont really think you have anything to worry about being pregnant! SO dont stress! okay! Good Luck!


Rhonda - June 1

I see nothing nothing wrong with what i said.I just said for her to use the same one she has been posting on,if she has more questions.


Soontobemom - June 1

If you were in any water when he ejacualted, then the sperm was killed automatically. They need a body temp to stay alive. Anyways, how old are you? Why don't you in the future just make him wear a condom for anything you do. It will help not spread any diseases and then you dont have to ask such questions. Since you have internet access look up things on ... educate yourself.


lexa - June 1

Okay, to put it in plain terms...Honey, he ejaculated in his swim a hot tub which more than likely killed the little swimmers before they got to swim (sperm). Plain and simple...if you do not have intercourse with a p___s which has to enter your v____a, you will not get pregnant! You are fine, okay, and your parents will continue to love you and your boyfriend can live to ejaculate another day in his trunks:-) Don't worry! If you ARE however planning on having Intercourse with your boyfriend, someone better run to the gas station and buy condoms!


soimpatient - June 1

Corrine, who is being mean? I don't know where you are getting this?



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