Question About Baby Showers

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Sovi - January 15

As many baby showers as I have attended, I can't believe I'm going to ask this question...but I guess it's so different when it's you who's expecting a baby. However, when is a good time to have a baby shower? I was thinking about 2 weeks prior to the due date, but then I was reading sites and saw that baby showers are even given about 1 to 2 months prior to the due date, in case the baby is born early. Like they say, things happen. They're even given early so that the expecting mother would not be too tired by it all, so she can enjoy it, and still have time to buy whatever she doesn't receive. So, ladies, what do you think?


MammaJL - January 15

i had my babyshower when i was 7 months along.. like u said it's better to have it a little early while you're still feeling good , Also for knowing what u need and don't need and having time to figure that out before the baby gets here which could happen early.


SaraH - January 15

I would do it much earlier then 2 weeks before the due date. Babies very often come before their due date (you're full term at 37 weeks -3 weeks before the due date). If you did it 2 weeks before then ended up in labor that day or the day before, it would kind of be a problem for you to get to your shower. LOL. I'd certainly do it much earlier, especially since my family history is to have kids a bit early (I'm one out of 6 kids and 4 of us were born at 36w and the other 2 were around 37-38w). I guess it's up to you if you want to take the chance of possibly not making it to your own shower. As far as when my shower was: it was done really early due to the fact that we moved this summer (2000 ml away from everyone), and were going to be home only during the Thanksgiving holiday. So while we were home my sil did a shower.--I was only 20 weeks, if we hadn't lived so far away though it would probably have been done around the 28-30w mark.


jen327 - January 15

7 months. You want time to buy the things you still need. You have to figure you won't get everything and you won't want to buy stuf that is on your registry, I am planning 7 months. Then I have time to finish up evderything just in time for the baby. I figure 2 weeks I am going to be so tired and not want people making me do ANYTHING. Let alone have to smile walk around etc. Good luck and congrats.


Kristin11 - January 16

With my daughter i had mine at 7mths, it was a good thing i did too since she was born 3 1/2 weeks early. It gave me time to organize and buy what i didnt get. Good Luck!!


rj_80 - January 16

A baby shower? I;m asuming that this is an american tradition? A bit like an engagement party before you get married but with a gift list? I'm intrigued. I think they had it on S_x and the City once but I didn't realise it was a regular thing! We have nothing like that in the UK but I am forever buying new born relatives presents when they arrive and posting them out! Sounds like fun! Is it all women like on SATC or do the blokes normally go to?


jen327 - January 16

Most are women, some people have thier spouses. It is fun, with games food and gifts, a great way to get lots of items you need for the baby!


Erin1979 - January 18

I had my shower 3 weeks AFTER my baby was born. It was FABULOUS!!! Everyone got a chance to come and see the baby so I didn't have 5 million visitors, they already knew 100% I had a girl, what her name was and what I needed. It was so great. I reccomend it!! The other shower I had was 3 weeks before my due date.


moescrilla - January 18

mine was 10 days before due date...ofcourse someone else threw it for me... so I didnt have much of a choice when I had it!!! lol


sarahbaby11 - January 23

i had mine a month before and found it great i wasn't tired or worrying about going into labor. plus it gave me time to set evewrything up and look through everything to see what i needed i didn't get. you don't want to be rushing at the last minute to get things.



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