Question About Becoming Pregnant

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Sarah - January 17

Hi. I'm hoping someone can help me ... I usually start my period around the 23rd of the month *for the past couple of months*. My periods have always been irregular and last month I got it around the 14th or so. At the start of this month I had unprotected s_x numerous times with my fiance in hopes of becoming pregnant. Well, it's passed the 14th and I haven't gotten my period, although the 14th is probably not a reliable way to tell if im pregnant or not. So now I am waiting to see if I end up getting my period this week *up until the 23rd* I took a pregnancy test today and it came out negative, but I really don't know when I should be taking the test since my periods pretty much come whenever they decide they want to. Instead of wasting my money on pregnancy tests and taking them everyday *i am very impatient lol* Can anyone let me know what I should do and when I should try to take the test again? Thank you so much in advance.


kat - January 18

i know its hard waiting but wait until the end of the month,if you are then you might test pos by then,good luck.


kim j - January 18

I agree with my girl Kat.. It is hard to wait I know. This is our second month trying and i hate the waiting game. I would wait till the end of the month if your trying to not spend a fortune on the test. If you dont care how much money you spend then test every two days. Good luck


tiffani - January 18

I would think that if you haven't had a period by Feb. 1st, you should go ahead and test. I am waaaayyyy to impatient and would probably get a second mortgage on my house to pay for daily tests. Lol. You could also order them in bulk on the internet. Probably even on ebay. Don't forget to update us with the results.


Sarah - January 18

Oops I don't think it worked the first time I sent this. ... Thank you so much for your input Kat, Kim and Tiffani. As hard as it is to wait, I will wait until the end of the month. I'll let ya know!! Also, best of luck to you Kim! :D



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