Question About Bottle Feeding

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kellie - November 8

Hello! I have been deciding which bottles to buy and I am totally lost! I noticed most of the brands offer two different sizes. Are the smaller sized bottles necessary? Are they used for very long?


Steph - November 8

When my daughter was a newborn, I used the Playtex bottles, the smaller ones that you had to put a plastic liner in. I liked those better because you get to squeeze all the extra air out and reduces the ga__sey pains that they can get.


Keely - November 8

I think with my daughter I used the 4 oz. bottles for about the first 5 months. You don't need 8 oz. bottles at first because your baby will not be eating that much for a few months. But of course if you still want to just go ahead and buy all 8 oz. bottles to save money, they would work fine you just would not want to feel them up because the milk would go to waste. I am going to use the Playtex bottles with the drop-ins this time so I do not have to wash a million bottles again!


kellie - November 8

I am thinking I will go with the Playtex Drop-ins too. How may of each size bottle will I need? I a__sume it won't be too many since you just keep popping in new clean liners.


KM - November 8

depends on the baby how long you will use the 4 oz. I used them for a few mnths anyway.. maybe about 4.They are necessary I would say. but I would only buy enough to last a day, thatw ay you only have to sterilize nipples once a day. Or you could just buy extra nipples and only stereilize when you run out. I also recomend playtex with disposable liners.Easier to clean! Also, in my opinion the drop in liners are wayyyy easier than the soft bag ones because you dont have to pull off those darn tabs. I spend the extra money to ge thte drop ins.


tamara - December 15

i used the smaller ones because there came a time when my baby ccould hold them himself which he loved


Jamie - December 15

The smaller ones are also good for diluted juice, when the baby is old enough - 2 oz. of water, 2 oz. of juice, perfect size.



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