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Mom_to_be - October 21

I'm specifically looking for insight and opinions from pregnant women who own cats. I own 2 cats and have owned several cats for the last 3 1/2 years. All of the cats I have owned or fostered (probably around 7) have all been indoor/outdoor cats. I'm going in for toxoplasmosis testing tomorrow, but am curious as to how many of you cat women have had successful pregnancies? Also, do you know how long a woman must usually own a cat to develop an immunity to toxoplasmosis? By the way, I do not clean the litter box.


FrancesM - October 21

Mom to be. I am a cat owner as well, just 1 for me. I am under the impression that you can only get that from changing the box. When I was pg (had a mc in July), I asked the Dr about it and he told me that in the 24 years he has been practicing, he has never seen a case of it. He advised me to wear gloves when I changed the box. That was it. I don't know how long it takes to become immune to it. Good Luck tomorrow.


tish212 - October 21

I read that it takes like 6 months of being around them to develop the immunity to it...u still aren't supposed to change the litter box though due to microscopic worms in their feces... I have 2 that is 6 years old (ive had him since he was a baby) and one that is 3 I am 30 weeks pregnant and so far no problems...I think the book what to expect when ur expecting covers well as the book while waiting. I have also seen tons of baby shows where they have family cats and the womans baby comes out fine...ur kitties (if they mean as much to u as mine do which I'm sure they do) r ur family... so please unless told to do so by ur dr don't give them up...with all the poor abandoned pets out there those cats need someone like u with a big heart to care for them :) I would also like to comend u for being a foster parent to these cats ur baby is so lucky to have a mom like u with such a big heart. hugs!


Mom_to_be - October 21

Thank you very much to both of you for your wonderful input and compliments! :) I feel quite a bit better now. Thanks again!


Tory1980 - October 21

I have always had cats and been around them since I was tiny. I have had three term pregnancies, two miscarriages and am now on baby number 4 due in January. I have been told by my Doctor that most women (and men) have suffered from toxoplasmosis and not even realised it as they put it down to a really bad cold/flu. As long as your hand hygiene is good there is no reason not to change the box (however I get hubby to do it as often as I can) or to wear gloves as well. Like I said I have never had a problem and I have never been tested for it during my pregnancies as my Doctor(s) believe I am immune to it anyway after my history of owning them. I would say you are fine but the testing couldn't hurt!


wantanotheraftertr - October 22

If you have ever had toxoplasmosis before you are immune to it. I have had cats with my last 2 pregnancies and as long as I didn't change the litter box it was ok. I still pet my cat now and did with my last pregnancy. I just read this today in my email thought you might like it It's from Is it safe to change the cat's litter box when I'm pregnant? Expert Answers Deborah Ehrenthal, a__sistant residency program director of obstetrics and gynecology, Christiana Care Health System in Wilmington, DE The danger is toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection carried by cats, transmitted in cat feces, and found in gardens where cats poop. If you get toxoplasmosis for the first time when you're pregnant, the baby can get it, too, in utero, and that can cause significant neurological damage. So if you know you've never had toxoplasmosis and have cats, you shouldn't change the litter box and you'll want to be careful about gardening. (Use gloves and a mask if you have to do these things.) If you're not sure whether you've had toxoplasmosis, you can get your blood tested to see whether you've been exposed. If you have been, you don't need to worry about it.



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