Question About Hunger While Pregnant And Weight Gain

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fran - December 14

I am 15 weeks pregnant, and I have yet to really have a appet_te increase. I almost find it hard to eat full meals. It tends to make me feel bad when I eat too much. I usually eat about half of whats on my plate at each meal, and then a small snack in-between meals. Like I said I am 15 weeks and have gained 5 pounds. I did not vomit earlier in pregnancy, so what I eat is getting to me and the baby. Is this what most other women are feeling, or is it just me? how much weight did you end up gaining?


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 14

I didn't vomit in my first trimester, but did not feel great. My appet_te decreased and I only gained 2 lbs. Once I got into the second trimester, closer to 18 weeks and beyond, I gained like 6 lbs that 4th month of pregnancy and then my appet_te came on full force. I'd wait a couple of weeks and see.. I only ended up gaining 22 lbs, but I felt as big as a house by the end! By 15 weeks, I was just coming out of the nausea and decreased appet_te phase. I think it will quickly change! My son is now almost 4 mos old. Best of luck to you!


j - December 15

I felt the exact same as you - I even lost 20 pounds (but I am heavier than I should be). Im not 17 weeks and just last week I have been able to eat close to a full meal and I actually feel like eating again. It seems like you almost change overnight from feeling sick to feeling not too bad! Good luck, you will feel better soon!


Liana - December 15

i'm 12 weeks 6 days and i'm still waiting to gain even a pound. i've only lost weight. it's one of my fears right now. although this week i've had a huge appet_te. i'm hoping to gain a couple pounds by the time i go for my next appt in 2 weeks.


Liz - December 15

Also having the same problem and I am 14 weeks. I've gained about 3 lbs and I have no desire to eat...alittle worrysome but I figure if I still have symptoms and not bleeding or cramps then I'll have to a__sume everything is fine until someone tells me otherwise.



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