Question About Morning Sickness

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mel - April 22

I am about 6 weeks pregnant and have felt great the entire time when it comes to nausea. i mean, i have other symptoms such as cramps and all, but im you think that i will come up with morning sickness if i havent already? because i know some people dont


nhb - April 22

I'd guess probably not if you haven't yet . . . but I didn't get nauseous until my 7th week; so maybe it just depends on the individual? I didn't have it at all w/ my first baby . . . but I do this time. I'm hoping that means this one's a girl since I already have a son :o)


nelly - April 22

with both of my pregnancies I got morning sickness and it started around the 7 week however I had alot of nausea until it started. both times it was girls.


minx - April 22

lucky you *envious. I have awful 'evening' sickness *whaaaaark!!!!


MizKitten - April 22

I am 6 weeks along and been having 24/7 sickness for almost a month. Have lost 15 lbs already...cant even keep water down more than a couple hrs. Praying it will hurry up and go away!


minx - April 23

mizkitten-- that is a lot and is not a 'normal' morning sickness anymore but a condition. you should see your doctor pronto!!! it's not good for your developing baby that you get dehydrated!!!


Audrea - April 23

I was wondering the same thing at 6 weeks, but now I am at 15 weeks and have had all day sickness since week 8 and could not keep anything down and lost over 10 pounds. Yes it is very bad for you to get dehydrated and I had to be hospitalized twice with IV's and meds to help me. The only thing that helps me is Zofran everyday.


Maleficent - April 23

i managed to get through two pregnancies without any M/S. this time around i wasn't so lucky; 20 weeks and still barfing. i guess this time i'm making up for lost hurling. i hope you're one of the lucky ones!


jena - April 23

i started at 6.5-7 weeks as well... it's not fun!


Lynn - April 24

My doc told me at my six week visit that it normally peaks around weeks 8-10, I didn;t have any m/s at that point either. At about 6w3d it kicked in. I thought I was one of the lucky ones too..I guess I got my hopes up too soon.



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