Question About My Bfp Date And Ultrasound Dating

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margie - January 25

h__lo ladies! i have a question that i was hoping someone might have some sort of answer to. I had an ultrasound last monday jan 15. According to my LMP I should have been 6 weeks 2 days. I found out I was preg Jan 2nd. I had spotting for a week with some cramping so the doctor sent me in for an u/s, he told me all excited that I should be able to see the baby and probably hear a hb. Now according to the tech I was 4 weeks at that point because of the measurements of the gest. fetal pole or yolk, obviously then no hb, asking me if i was SURE of my dates. Well, is it possible that I could have tested positve with a hpt on Jan 2nd if I was truly only 4 weeks? They told me to come back for another u/s the 29th which is this coming Monday. I'm super anxious!!! Can anyone help me with these dates? I tested positve 4 weeks 3 days after my LMP and had the ultrasound 2 weeks after could I have only shown 4 weeks on the ultrasound? This has been floating around my head now the past couple of weeks!


ElizaMama - January 25

Hey hun! Don't get too worried, I found out I was pregnant on Jan 5th, went to the doc on the 11th, should have been 6 weeks 4 days. Saw a sac, but nothing else, so the doc had me do some blood tests. Well, those went up but not enough so they had me really worried. I went back yesterday and immediately found a heart beat. Here I was, waiting to be told it was over, nothing to be done, and then everything was fine. turns out my LMP date was not correct (I have abnormal periods) so yesterday I measured 7 weeks 3 days, so I was a week off, so i had gotten a positive HPT at around 4 weeks. Hope this helps! Don't Dispair!


momma3tobe - January 26

My doctors keep flip flopping on my dates as well, I thought I was 7 wks when I had my u/s and they said I was 6wks and then I went to the doctor Monday and she said I was 10 weeks when she felt my uterus (a week ahead of what the u/s said). She told me that it's easy to mix things up very early on and that the further along you get, the more exact your EDD will be. Not that it matters, no baby I have ever known has come the day it's scheduled LoL!


margie - January 26

thank you for the rea__surance :) this is my first pregnancy and it's a bit of mystery to me..i think sometimes the early ultrasounds just make us worry too much because the doctors and ultrasound techs have this idea that all babies grow the same and all women are the same but in reality it seems quite normal to be a bit "off" from LMP and ultrasound dates...i just cant wait to get the next ultrasound and hear that heartbeat so i can quit worrying so much!


margie - January 26

oh i guess also the only thing that had me really kind of worried is the fact that the sac was only measuring 4 weeks when i had tested positive on a hpt 2 weeks sooner...thats what kind of threw me off i guess. is it possible to test +++ that early?


Grandpa Viv - January 26

Maybe the tech was giving you gestational age and not pregnancy dating. One is two weeks shorter than the other. Good luck!


margie - January 26

maybe that is what was going on Grandpa Viv. thank you so much! that would make sense then for sure. i didn't get a chance to ask the doctor after the ultrasound so i suppose i'll find out in my next appointment. also they didn't do a vag. ultrasound, just a regular one on my stomach so maybe thats why she couldn't detect anything. this is my first pregnancy so im not 100% but at least from what my non experienced eyes saw the sac that i saw was a good round shape, i know that an irregular shape could sometimes indicate a possible problem. i'll keep everyone updated for next ultrasound is monday so i survived the 2 weeks wait and now i just have to get through the weekend to hopefully see the little one and hear a heartbeat! wow, i never knew id be so nervous during a wreck sometimes!



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