Question About Precome

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randomuser - December 26

My girlfriend and I are both virgins, we have never had s_x. We got kinda hot one night and were rubbing together naked. My p__s did not enter her va___a, but the shaft was probably rubbing against her lips. I did not come down there, but if I precame near her va___a what are the odds of her getting pregnant? Another thing to note, is that we were rubbing together doggy-style, so if any precome came out, it most likely dripped down to my bed, thats what could be assumed, correct?? We are both really freaked out right now, becuase we're completely not ready for something like this to happen. I am seriously at an unknown level of distress. Any and all information would be helpful. Thank you all in advance.


randomuser - December 26

Also, how many times can you precome? I did once on her leg, and then another time I did and whiped it up in a towel. And then proceeded to mess around and then I pulled away and came. I am really freaking out about this, I'm so scared we might have done too much and something bad is going to happen now...


hmm - December 27

maybe you need to educate yourself a little more before you even think about having s_x.


krc - December 27

I agree with hmm. You guys are pushing it real close to having s_x. Rubbing your p___s on her lips can easily lead to sliding it in! If your not ready for the consequences and are stressed out, I think you should ease off on the intense foreplay or use condoms when you do.


randomuser - December 27

Thanks for the completely un-useful info there rnadomuser. We dont want to have s_x, we just went too far. It wont happen again. We're just really worried, and I would like to have my mind set at ease. If anyone could provide me with useful info, I would be grateful.


Well - December 27

Most likely she's not going to get pregnant from this one encounter. Sperm are fast swimmers, but the likeihood of any actually reaching their intended destination is a very slim chance. Good luck to you two, and make sure that she does not stress too much about it because that can cause her period to be late and trick her body into thinking it is pregnant. Next time if you plan on doing this again and not actually having s_x, you should put on a condom and that would ease your mind as well.


randomuser - December 27

Thank you Well, I agree that it is a very slim chance that anything will happen. I have eased her mind, and we have both agreed not to go that far again, until we are completely ready. We will both worry until next month though.


i think - December 28

this thread is a bunch of bs.


idaholover9113 - October 12

your fine...shes not gonna be pregnant, besides pre come doesnt have enough sperm in it to get her pregnant, and u werent even inside of her. dont stress about it..ur fine


tyler0323 - October 13

no sence in replying to something almost a year old



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