Question About Taking Tylenol Please Answer Asap

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skylersmom - April 4

i heard tylenol is all you can take while pregnant. well the last couple days ive had a horrible sore throat and pounding headaches. i have tylenol and i took 2 doses yesterday and i actually took an advil the day before because my aunt said it was ok (which didnt even help by the way). but anyways, am i taking too much tylenol? i havent had any today, ive been toughing it out, and i cant get to the docs til tomorow. but my head is killing me! is it ok? thanks


ariete0416 - April 4

My doctor told me tylenol was fine to take and just follow the directions on the package. I had horrible headaches as well. I would stay away from the advil or any other pain relievers, but tylenol is ok. Best Wishes!


jamiew - April 4

Yes, Tylenol is okay ... but dont over do it... a couple things that help me out is a hot shower, letting the water beat on my head or a rice pack. If you dont have a rice pack, nuke a wet washcloth for a minute and put it on your forehead or back of the neck, depending where the pain is coming from ( back or front of the head) .... Hope this helps ... Oh also, all else fails, try putting a dab of BenGay on your temples and the back of your neck ... I know it sounds odd, but works.


lashes92 - April 4

I was told regular Tylenol is ok. Not the extra strength though.


karine - April 4

my dr said tylenol is more than fine. but nothing else, and that it was best to take the tylenol then to stay with the headache.


skylersmom - April 4

thank you guys so much. i feel alot better


corinne - April 4

I found this out when I was prego. Drink a cup of coffee when you have a headache and it will go away. My doctor told me to do that.


fltjt705 - April 4

I was told try to find out what caused the headache in the first place, is it lack of sleep, did you eat or are you letting yourself feel hungry before you eat, there are alot of factors, go to and go to articles, there is an article on headaches and how you can get rid of it. I was givin a list of acceptable pain killers and only tylonol was listed. Ask your doctor before you take anything else, my grandmother is the type to say here take this because she is old fashiond and doesn;t know of the new studies, so be careful before taking something your unsure about. Good luck


me - April 5

Tylenol is fine, even if you take some every day. If your headaches turn into migraines, you can take Tylenol with codeine, but only if you absolutely need to. My dr said extra strengh was ok, but I guess every dr has their own opinions. Defnitely no advil though. Only tylenol products. When in doubt, ask your dr. Hope you feel better!


michellep - April 5

I was told tylenol and extra strength are ok. My doctor said drinking a coke was fine to do too, since a bit of caffeine can help relieve a headache.


Erynn21 - April 5

My doc told me to take Tylenol, no Advil. I had to take them because instead of morning sickness I had horrid headaches in clusters and every time my dc. said take a tylenol, but nothing else. I was also eating, drinking water and all my normal precautionary things, it was from the higher level of hormones. Headaches are a really common side effect of pregnancy.


kari15 - April 5

your tylenol dosage is fine......but it probably won't help your sore throat....i had a sore throat earlier in my pregnancy and I took cough drops which helped much more than tylenol



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