Question About Temping

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alisara - October 10

Hi girls. I wasn't sure where to post this I am hoping someone will be able to help me out! I am using OPK, but from everything I have been reading it says to take your BBT as well. I bought a thermometer, and from the directions it seems pretty easy....BUT, I know there must be some secret tips that I can get from you ladies! :-) I basically just take my temp every morn before I get out of bed...? any other tips...i.e. laying down, standing up...what works best? This is a CVS brand...hope it works!!!


Tory1980 - October 10

Pa__s on the brand make as mine is just a standard Basal thermometer. You need to take your temp every morning, preferably within 30 minutes of the normal time so set your alarm. Take it before speaking, eating, talking or getting out of bed. Basically as alarm goes off reach for thermometer and take temp. The other thing is to push it as far back under your tongue as you can and put it in the same place every day. In other words don't switch sides. Your first temp is the temp you reord. Don't take it later and then put it in. You need to have at least threee hours consecutive sleep but I have found with me that it was the time taken and not the amount of sleep that affected my temperature badly. Whether I slept or not I took it at the same time but entered that I had had little sleep before taking it on the chart. Also alchol will affect your temp so the morning after you have been drinking enter alcohol in the information on your chart. I used Fertility Friend as I found it to be the best one out of a few I tried but it is whatever is best for you. I have never used OPK's as I believe, in my opinion, that they are a waste of money if you are temping as OV is clearly seen on the chart. You will need 3 days of higher temperatures before FF will put crosshairs in to pinpoint ovulation. If you have regular cycles of 28 days then you are almost guaranteed to ovulate around CD 13/14 but if they are irregular this is your best way of seeing when/if you ovulate and how long your LP is. Good luck! It sounds complicated but after the first few weeks you will be flying through it and it will become second nature. Also if you are temping check your Cervical Mucus (CM) sounds disgusting but this is a very good indicator of where in your cycle you are. Again good luck and sorry this is long!


alisara - October 10

Tory1980 - thank you sooooo mcuh! That was soooo helpful! I really appreciate it! I will def. do everything that you said!


Tory1980 - October 11

Not a problem sweetheart. If you need any more help just ask!



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