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Hailsa24 - January 17

Does 9 months really go by as slow as everybody tells me it will? I hope not, i'm only 5 wk. 5 days, and I'm ready to give birth tomorrow :)


JenS - January 17

It was slow in the beginning and then at about 5 months it's started to go by fast for me. I guess it's because we started planning for baby, getting stuff for the babys room, buying supplies, looking at strollers,etc. That's when I remember it started to pick up... but the first 3 months took forever!!! And then after your baby is born it will go by so fast !!! Congrats...


sahmof3 - January 17

For me the 1st trimester always went slow, but it went fast after that. I think b/c I had a m/c with my first rpegnancy I always just wanted to hurry up and get out of the 1st trimester.


Hailsa24 - January 18

oh no! I hope not! I'm hoping if flies by!


savy - January 18

Personally, I think it does go by slow. I'm almost 8 months and I feel like I've been pregnant forever! AND term is 40 weeks, so it's actually 10 months that you're pregnant, not 9........ no one ever told me that either.


Sarebare - January 18

I am 6 months preg and it is flying and has been since week 8 when I found out.


dedaa - January 18

I am almost 37 weeks with baby number three. This pregnancy has flown by it still feels like it was just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant. Although the last couple of weeks can drag on if you go past your due date.


jessica72 - January 18

I agree with most of the ladies. First Trimester...drags also due to all the yucky symptoms you're dealing with and the worry of getting out of the "delicate time" But I think after 14 weeks it sped up. It seems like the months peel off before you can blink. Enjoy every minute. When you start feeling your baby kick, you'll wish you could hold on to that feeling forever. Hugs :)


pinkrox87 - January 19

the whole 34 weeks of my pregnancy felt like it was FOREVER when i was pregnant, but looking back now it seems like it went by fast, if that makes any sense?


Hailsa24 - January 19

Yes, I think if maybe I stop obsessing and worrying about everything I feel, time would go by a little faster for me. Fortuantley I get to go on a week vacation in a few days...that will keep me busy, and OFF the internet looking up crazy stuff. I'm patiently waiting for March, 2nd. First day of my second trimester!!!


Tracy88 - January 19

First trimester felt like it would never end......second is going by much faster. Just try to stay busy in the beginning and you will have plenty to start doing after 20 weeks.


Crisi P - January 19

I agree with most everyone else. Starts out slow and then rapidly speeds up. But I have to add, the last few weeks it started to crawl again for me. My due date is tomorrow, and it felt like a year since the beginning of this month to get this far!


cindernar - January 19

First trimester, slow as hell b/c of puking. Second trimester, much faster. Now in my third trimester, CRAWLING BY. I'm 29 weeks, and I'm ready to have this baby!


notquitesure - January 19

time only seems to fly during pregnancy when its not seems to be going forever (23 weeks) but my friend thinks its flying by...guess its all perspective


lovelylady24 - January 20

To get to the 9months it goes by fast depending on the time of the month you get pregnant. I had my pregnancy throughout all of the it went by pretty fast.......but now when you get in your ninth month to me in my opinion is when the slowness starts. I have been out of work for about a week which is two weeks before I am suppose to deliver and it seems like it is taking forever. I am suppose to be induced on the 30th at 6am so I am hoping this week go by really fast and in a hurry.


lizabethlizardkap - January 22

I think honestly every pregnancy is different like they say. My first little girl dragged on the whole!!! time!!!! my second little girl only seemed to drag on during the first trimester like the other moms are saying. I was sick for almost all 9 months with both of them, so that made things a little rough, but when you have that beautiful baby, the time (as much as it may or may not drag on) is sooo worth it! there is nothing more amazing to me than making a baby from a tiny cell to a human being in such a ultimately short time! good luck with your pregnancy all of you!!!!


lizabethlizardkap - January 22

p.s. I agree with the comment on what time of year you conceive! my first girl was conceived in oct so i had her in july on her due date. i spent most my pregnancy in the cooler months. my second one was conceived in the last week of dec and was born this last sept and oh my goodness the summer months were ROUGH! being 6,7,and 8 months pregnant!



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