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Curious Cat - September 10

Hi.. OK - so I've been doing my research on what some of the early signs of pregnancy could be, and one of them was a darkening of the areola . My question is, to all those confirmed pregnant women reading this, did you notice a change ? Was it a BIG change or a more subtle change ? Thanks for any and all feedback you can offer this curious mind..


brucen - September 6

Nope, didn't notice a change


Kirri - September 6

Not a significant change, more sore I suppose. Nausea was the best sign!!!


Sarah - September 6

I am only about a month pregnant but I have noticed a small darkening in color.


Curious Cat - September 7

Hi all... thanks for your answers... I was (obviously) curious.. I'm not exactly sure if I'm noticing a change or if it's my overactive (and overhopeful) imagination... tomorrow will be the 30 day mark of my cycle (if I pa__s this, I'll be purchasing an hpt)... Again - thanks for the insight! :)


16 weeks and counting - September 7

Just for some added input, the darkening of the areola might not happen at all, or it might not happen until you are further along. You may also notice the darkening of a line from your pubic bone to your belly b___ton. I have forgotten what this "line" is called, but anyways, Im 16 weeks and have just noticed that the area around my nipples are getting a little darker. Hope this helps a bit!


Curious Cat - September 8

Hi there... Well today is day 30 and still no period. Like I mentioned in my second post, after today it'll be the longest I've not had my period (last month I started spotting on day 30).. Keep your fingers crossed for me and thanks again for all the input. I'll post when I know a little more! :)


April - September 8

I didnt notice a change. The only change I noticed with my b___sts were soreness, really sore and after w couple weeks started to notice my bra getting a little tight.


April - September 8

Another thing I learnt was that HPT dont always show you are pregnant till you are usually about 2 weeks late. SOME dont. This is because your hcg levels are not high enough. Good luck tho!!!! Fingers crossed!


Angela - September 8

Hi curious, aren't we all!!!! My nipples didn't start getting darker untill I was about 2-3 months along. But the tenderness of them was definatly within the first couple of weeks!!!! The darkening was a subtle change, along with the nipples getting very pointy, and erect. Good luck and keep us posted!!!!


Amber - September 8

Yes there was change for me...that was my first sing i was pregnant...i don't have regular periods.


Curious Cat - September 9

Greetings once again! And again, thanks for all the input! I really do appreciate it. The funny thing is, today is day 31, still no period - but no soreness in my breats. I read in a few books that women with bigger breats (yes - I'm quite busy) don't notice the soreness and swelling right away.. I'm still hopeful.. I think I'm going to buy a HPT and if it's negative, I'm going to the doctor. I promise to keep you all updated... Thanks again and keep it coming!


Curious Cat - September 9

sorry... b___sts... lol


Curious Cat - September 9

sorry... b___sts and busty... I can't type anymore!!!... lol


Kelly - September 10

My b___st just got very sore right away. I noticed that about one and a half weeks before I was to get my period. I found out for sure yesterday with a HPT. I didn't think it was correct so I made my husband go out and buy me a 2 pack! all were positive. I havn't noticed any darkening.



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