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tara - March 7

Hi Leahp. I read on another post that you are a trainer, and really into fitness. I have gained a lot in my thighs, I'm about 19 weeks right now, and kind of scared that it will get worse and bigger as I progress. Any suggestions at all?


Leahp - March 9

Hi Tara, sorry it's taken me forever to get back on this site my internet was down and I was going crazy!!! Your best bet is to watch what you eat, I know we all hate those words!!! But just make sure to stay away from anything with white flour(white bread, pasta, cake, cookies) and then if you don't go to the gym start by doing lunges, squats and open foot squat where your feet are pointing out!!! try to do 20 reps of each! If you do go to the gym keep that leg press in arms reach!!! I've notived cellulite coming onto my legs from pregnancy and it's all because I wasn't keeping up with the leg press, I usually always do 40 a day of about 80 lbs. your legs a much stronger than you think, but you may want to start off with 60! If you don't get to the gym, just make sure to do those exercises at home and throw in some walking!!! At least thirty mintues!! I know it sounds like a lot of work, but you'll notice results! Eventually after you feel strong performing these exercises you mights want to throw in some sprints and plyometrics(scissor jumps, frog jump) if you put it in search you'll find some examples!! I hope this helps!!! But remember, diet makes a big difference!!! Good luck hun!! and Congrats on your pregnancy!!


monica - March 9

hi leah its me Monica wow that does sound like a lot of work. before I got pregnant i was running about 6 miles a day and did some weight lifting. once I became pregnant i could no longer do any exercise because it made me more nauseous. just yesterday i started to walk a little. my problem is i crave pasta and cookies/chocolate once in a while. Is it OK to eat white flour once in a while or do i have to give it up comepletely?


rb - March 9

hey leah - what do you specialize in? just wondering as i am also a trainer but dr. advised me to take it easy in the first few months - and i'm hating it!!! have you had to take any time off training?



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