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Holly - December 3

Hello It's Holly, I was the one with the evap. line a couple of weeks ago. I unfortunantly started my period on the 25th of November, I have a 28 day cycle. If I calculated right I should ovulate on the 8th or the 9th of this month. My hubby will be out of town then, the only time we have will be this weekend the 4th & 5th. Can sperm survive long enough to get me pregnant? I had to ask you because you are so up to speed on everything, i hope you don't mind.


Holly - December 3

Anyone out there, I need help!!!!!!!


Raine - December 3

I'm not m but maybe this info. will be of use to you. I have read that sperm can live 48-72 hours while still wet. However, I have also read that it can live up to 5 days. Soooo.... if your husband's sperm is healthy, it seems that it IS possible. The real determining factor is when you ovulate, because, unlike sperm, an egg's life span is no longer than 24 hours.


Holly - December 6

Thank you so much!!! Hope it worked!


m - December 6

Holly, I'm soooo sorry! I didn't see this until just now. I usually do not come on here over the weekends, so I didn't see this... I'm so sorry. Raine answered just the way I would have. When you say out of town, is he within driving distance? If so, you could always go get you a quickie. ;o). Did he already leave? If not, I would suggest doing it before he leaves. When will he be back? I believe the egg survives 24-48 hours. So if you did it last night (Sunday), and if you do it the second he comes back (a__suming it is Friday or Saturday), you still have a chance. You could go get you some ovulation tests... take one every afternoon starting today.. until your hubby gets back. I realize if you're hubby's not there, he's not there. But at least you'd get a better idea of when you actually ovulate. When the ovulation kits show the "surge", that means ovulation is 24-48 hours away. So let's say you hit your surge on Wednesday, it's possible you wouldn't actually ovulate until Friday, and could easily still be fertile Saturday or Sunday. My advice, do it up until the second he leaves..... then do it the second he gets back... even if that means meeting him at the airport/train station/etc., and hitting a bathroom stall. LOL Best of luck Holly! And again, I'm sorry. I hope you didn't think I was ignoring you.


Holly - December 6

Thank you so much everyone!! m don't worry about it, I understand!!!! Anyway, hopefully we got it this time!!!! We did it on Sunday and I am supposed to ovulate on Wednesday, he will be back then so hopefully it works!! I also cut him off for 2 weeks so they would be as potent as possible if ya know what I mean!!!!!!!!!!!


m - December 14

Hey Holly! Any signs of pregnancy yet? :o)


Holly - December 15

Not yet, I am pretty sure I ovulated on the 8th of this month. I had a very small amount of egg white cm. Hopefully with that small amount it worked!! We had intercourse on the 7th!!! Wish me luck!!! m, when do you think I would get a posative hpt? I bought online the 20MIU aimstick test. If I were I don't even think it would have implanted yet, do you?!!!


m - December 15

Implantation usually happens sometime between days 6-12 after ovulation. In most cases, day 8, 9, or 10. (or so I read) Therefore, it's possible that implantation might not have taken place yet. If I were you, I would try to hold out at least until the weekend, if not until next Wednesday (the day af is most likely expected) before you test. If you experience what you think might be implantation bleeding, then you could always test for the heck of it. But please don't get disappointed with a negative. I got false negatives up until almost 2 weeks AFTER my missed period when I was pregnant with my son. So you're kindof in the waiting game limbo at this point. It sucks, but it's all worth it when the little pink (or blue)line appears!!!! Best of luck Holly, and keep me posted! And by the way, don't be alarmed if you don't experience implantation bleeding. Not all women do. I never did and I've been pregnant 4 times (2 sons, 2 miscarriages). Good luck!!!! :o)



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