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Leahp - April 20

Hi ladies! My good friend is due in three weeks and I was wondering what would be some great things to put in a gift basket for her that she may really need those first couple weeks! I wanted to do something more geared toward her taking care of herself! She has tons of stuff already for her baby!


La Rae - April 20

I would suggest some scented candles, some extravagent chocolate, a good book (if she likes to read) some bath oils, salts, bubble bath, stuff like that. Maybe a gift certificate to get her hair and nails done somewhere nice. There's all kinds of things that you can put in there to give her a 'break' when she needs it. You might also want to put a 'homemade coupon' for a day off from taking care of the baby - like you could babysit for her and her hubby so they can go out or something. Also a coupon for housecleaning is good too. That is, if you are up to cleaning for her. I did that for a friend once, and she LOVED it. She redeemed that coupon within one week of me giving it to her. It really is the thought that counts......Good Luck!


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - April 20

What a swett idea but I seriously doubt she will have time to read. I suggest coupons for taking care of baby, bring a fully cooked meal over (and cleaning up after) and taking care of house cleaning/laundry. Perhaps you can also help organize gifts given during/after birth and set up the thank you notes with stamps, sefl addressed envelopes, etc. That way all she had to do is write the note and it's done. You are a great friend. I hope someone repays this favor for you someday.


Maleficent - April 20

food! bring food and paper plates to eat it off. the best thing anyone did for me was when my freinds filled my freezer with ca__saroles and lazagne. it made those first few weeks so much easier. my DH tried to cook, but barbeque for a month gets old. lol.


Jen - April 20

I agree with the ladies. My sisters brought us precooked meals and groceries. It made things so much easier. Going to sit for a while with the baby so she can take a real nap would be great too. You tend to only fall half asleep when you have a newborn and never feel rested.........and the chocolate wouldn't hurt :0)


kenya mama - April 20

The dinner is a great idea. You can cook it in disposable pans and bring paper goods so there is little clean-up. You can also stock the freezer before the baby is born so she will have lots of dinner options. Coupons for babysitting so she can take a nap, coupons for getting the laundry done, babysitting for a date.


nelly - April 20

to leahp that is so sweet that you are doing that because the mom tends to get forgotten. I never even got a balloon or even a flower when I was in the hospital.


Leahp - April 21

Thanks so much ladies!!! I think the pre-cooked meals is a great idea, I'm only 4 and half months along and I'm already too tired to cook all the time! I think my friend would really enjoy that! If I do a basket of stuff to pamper herself with, I hope she has time to use it!!!!


Winter - April 21

Something that I always give new moms is a basket of all the medicationa that the baby will need, example: tylenol and mortin for infants, little noses saline spray , mylecon drops for gas, etc. Alot of people do not think about that stuff.



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