Question For Those Who Had A Misscarriage

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SherryZ - January 18

I am concerned about having a misscarriage. We have had 2 friends who lost their baby so I am a bit paranoid. I am in my 6th week and am just wondering at how many weeks did you misscarry?


m - January 18

I miscarried 4 times, all at 6 weeks or less. I'm not for sure why it happened, but we finally were successful, and now I'm 20 weeks! Try not to worry yourself. I was under a lot of stress at that time when I had the miscarriages, and I'll always think that had something to do with it. Because the stressful "situation" cleared itself up in July of last year, and by September we were pregnant. Just report anything that worries you to your doctor. Otherwise, take it easy and try not to stress! I wish you the best!!


SarahLF - January 18

As m put it, TAKE IT EASY!! Stress is such a big factor! Last year, I m/c at 9 weeks. I was stressed, working a very physical/labor intensive job, & going to night school. Some women can handle all that, but it wasn't for me. Now, I am 11wks and am still a little nervous, but just trying to take it easy. I'm fortunately in a different job environment, so that has relieved much stress. Just be smart & listen to your body. I would be aware of m/c symptoms, but I would not stress over them. Best wishes to you all!!


KLB - January 18

How did you know you miscarried? Did you both have bleeding or just cramping?


Jenn - January 18

hi sherry-I had a mc in July at 11 and half weeks. I had just seen the heartbeat and everything seemed fine, but a few days later I got a real nasty headache and I started having brown wipes. I went to the er several times to be sure that everything was ok. But, by the 4 day of brwon it turned red and then the next day I went back and they said that it was dead and that I would pa__s it in a day or two. What they failed to tell me was that I would pa__s it all at once, it hurt real bad! But they gave me meds for the pain. I had only the bleedinh till the last day, then the cramping pain-felt just like contractions for me. Good luck to you all!


g - January 18

I misscarried at 12 weeks after i heard the heartbeat with no cramps or bleeding, i just got extremely dizzy and felt like throwing up for two days. I had all the bleeding and pain in the last two months of the prego. But 9 months later i got prego again with just being dizzy and she's fine and now 5 + years later i am now prego again. I did almost lose this one like my first. The cramps and bleeding. But i am now in my last trimester. So exactly what SarahLF said stressing doesnt help. Its hard but everyday just relax and think the best thoughts about your baby and future, keep busy with reading just anything to relax! Miricles do happen! I wish all of you ladies luck and lots of miricles! :) hang in there!


Rhonda - January 18

I had my first m/c at 10wks,a second one at 8wks,they were both due to me having low progesterone.I also had a third m/c when my dad died,but i dide'nt even know i was pregnant until i already m/c.


SarahLF - January 19

My pregnancy symptoms(nausea, tiredness) didn't taper off, they just stopped at about 7.5 weeks. Then about 9 wks I began to bleed lightly and for the following week and 1/2 I miscarried. I found comfort in my personal faith and in the general knowledge that your body is designed to know when there's a problem. Some women experience mcs later in their pregnancy, so I consider myself fortunate not to have gotten too far & more bonded with baby. My friends have had miscarriages, and some pa__sed immediately. As Jenn said, it's painful (mine was too), though some of my friends didn't experience pain. So it's different for each woman, as usual. Best wishes to all of you!


m - January 19

KLB, actually I had a different sign of m/c that came before the bleeding or cramping. Every time, I would have one day where my whole stomach got so tight, as if my abdomen were contracting to reject the pregnancy..... if that makes sense. I just don't know how to describe it any other way. But I would have that for a day, so I knew it was coming. Then a day or 2 later, I would start to spot, then cramp, then full b__wn bleed. Hope that helps.


Johnna - January 19

10 weeks


Monique - January 20

I miscarried at 7 weeks in May, but got pregnant again in August! Good Luck!


AshleyB - January 20

I was 11wks. we went for the 1st u/s and found the baby only was measuring at 9wks and didn't have a hb. We were shocked as we didn't have a clue anything was wrong. I still had my symptoms and never any bleeding or cramping.So had d&c 3wks. ago. We're back to ttc again and have faith that everything will work out next time. Good Luck, don't worry yourself about a m/c. There's nothing you can do to cause/or prevent it. So you should just stay positive and enjoy your pregnancy. Good Luck!!! And Congrats on your pregnancy.



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