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E - January 27

Last night (hours after a spicy burrito), I had ~ 15 contractions in 1 hour. Some were very strong and required special breathing while others were not so bad. They were minutes apart. I thought it might be pre-term labor (31 weeks). Is this normal? I was told to call the doc if I suffered more than 4 in an hour. Of course I did not call them b/c I was tired and praying that it was nothing. I felt the baby drop right b4 the contractions but he moved back up to my ribs by morning. Any input would be helpful. I am quite scared about this. I know if I call the doc, they will send me to the hospital.


A - January 27

Doctors know what they are talking about, I would call the doctor in sake of your baby. You have had triple the contractions in the first place. CALL!! haha. Good luck.


tiffani - January 27

E~ If your contractions were in need of "special breathing" I would say it warrants a call to the doctor. Braxton Hicks contractions are not (atleast in my own experience) intense enough to need any special breathing. You said you felt the baby drop before they started, maybe the little guy was putting pressure on your diaphram, making breathing a bit more labored than normal. Either way, call your doctor, explain it to him as you did here, and let him lead you from there. If you are having pre-term labor, they will definately need to see you so they can attempt to stop it and/or give the baby steroids to accelerate lung development. This may require a trip to the hospital, but it could prevent many trips to the NICU if the baby was born too early. **Hugs and Prayers**


Dez - January 27

E, I would definatley go in, if you are less then 37 weeks and having more then 4 contractions an hour, it could be the start of pre term labor, dont be scared, if you get in on time then they could do something to stop it, dont wait until its too late. I dont know if you are having them still like that today, but if you start to and get more then 4 an hour call the dr. and go into the hospital, because they will probably want to monitor you and check you. good luck let me know what they say.


E - January 27

Thanks. I called my doc and she wanted said that if the contractions have gone away, I am definitely not in labor. Whew. If they pick up again, I need to be seen. I have never had Braxton Hicks that have made me to tell my husband to "shut the f* up and leave me alone". They were strong and rythmic. I suppose I will continue to take it easy today and lie around like Cleo, eating until I can no longer move.


E - January 27

WTH?? She wanted said? I should read my posts before posting:)


tiffani - January 27

Happy to hear you're okay. :o)


JF - January 27

I would go to the hospital ASAP my sister was having contractions at 27 weeks with twins and her doctor told her that it was probably nothing (braxton hix) and then they got worse she went to ER and they had to do an emergency c-section and she lost one of the babies. If she had gotten there sooner they could have given her something to stop the labor.


lou - January 27

Hi, I am not a mum (yet)! but I have had lots of friends who have babies and I know that to bring labour on when they have gone past their due dates they have been told to eat spicy food as it can help bring on contractions. (I dont know how this works). My best friend was gulping down curry when she was past her due date because she was so down in the dumps and uncomfortable. I hope you and the baby are doing well. Maybe you should lay off the burrito's for a while :)


KM - January 27

E, if anytime you are unsure and having painful contractions. (in my experience braxton hicks arent painful) I would go to L&D to get checked. It's better safe than sorry and if they send you home it's no big deal. They are usually all friendly and understanding at most hospitals when it comes to pregnant women


E - January 27

I plan to go to L&D if this happens again. I feel slightly better after my doctor told me that this is not always abnormal, but should be monitored. Braxton Hix contractions have never hurt me in the past, which is why I was so alarmed. I know the baby is undergoing a major growth spurt and that could have something to do with the increase in pain. I truly appreciate all of your advice:)


KM - January 28

I have heard from some ppl that they are bit painful. but youre the first who has actually had to breathe through em. lol Your doc obviously knows best. I would take it easy for the next couple of spicy foods!! lol.. and a good excuse not to do any housework ;)


E - January 28

I ate another burrito last night. No early labor signs:) I can't stay away from the tastiest food I have ever known. Had to eat 8 tums b4 bed.


lou - January 28

you sound like ozzy osbourne! :)


E - January 28

Heehee lou:) I bet he needed more than 8 Tums with his habits. I shove the burrito in like there will be no food for a week. Somehow, there is always a package of tortillas, a jar of jalapeños, and a tub of sour cream standing by. Who keeps putting that garbage in my house? I never see them sneak in with it.


E - January 29

Thanks m!! Can't wait till your computer is fixed so you can post again. I came home tonight and my husband ate the last tortillas so I couldn't make a burrito for dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ughhh. He is at the store as I type, buying more. The look on my face was sheer horror. It is the only thing I want to eat, ever.



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