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kelsey - September 19

My question is "im 10 weeks pregnant with my first child. most days i have a little bubble tummy. but maybe once or twice a week its almost flat like im not pregnant?? Im a very slim person so im not sure if this is normal or not. Also when is the earliest you can feel fetal movement???


HAHA - September 20

hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah dummy


kelsey - September 20

whatever i dont need this c___p! Im very excited and i was very serious about my question. i've never had this experience before and i thought this would be the perfect place to ask......... i guess i was wrong


best advice - September 20

way 2 tell this broad HAHA. oh hey kelsey your the one pregnant how we suppost to know what u fellin...duh oh oh one more thing kelsey maybe u should ask "how u got pregnant" d__n we got some dumb broads in here!!!!!!!!!!!!


HAHA - September 20

oh hey kelsey maybe when u lay off the twinkies ur tummy wont be so bubbly. by the sounds of it ur a fat broad and in all honesty some days u just think ur slim but really its just wishful thinking!!! oh about the fetal movement try punching ur self in the stomach if it moves there u go if it didnt maybe u punched to hard


kelsey - September 20

Ok this is a very sick site!! I didnt do anything wrong! I only asked a question and now I've been called and descibed the worst things. I'm pregnant and to read this stuff is very hurtful as im very emotional right now. I would never punch my baby....who would say goodness I'm so disgusted!! Atleast manda was nice....God I dont know what to say


kellie - September 20

Kelsey Dont listen to them they are the stupid ones the only delight they get out of life is throwing others down...They need to thank god everyday they are alive and not in pensacola florida or surrounding areas....anyway to your question my is perfectly normal to have a bubble tummy one day and nothing the next it is just depending on the position of the baby...i am 8 months preg and there are days that my stomach is bigger than other is nothing to worry about you are fine and so is baby just relax and enjoy your preg.....Also you should feel the baby move anywhere between 15-20 weeks everyone is different sometimes you might feel little flutters as soon as 12 weeks you never know Just hang in there and ignore the Idiots


Kim - September 20

Why listen to ignornant people. Afterall, we are probably talking about people who surf "pregnancy sites" just to criticize people. Freaks!! My guess is they live in the slums somewhere, have been on crack for many years, their parents have deserted them, and they will be on welfare for the rest of their lives. As for having babies, they probably do have kids, many of them, but never see them!! HA! Don't give them a second thought! Just think of your life and how ignornant they must be. It makes me giggle when I think of it. Okay, so your question, you're just bloated and that's why you feel pregnant at times and other times not. I think everyone goes through it. Not until about the second trimester will your tummy start to really pop out and stay there. As for movement, everyone is different, with my first baby it was about 19-20 weeks. Good luck and try to ignore the morons on this site. They come and go and there are some really genuine responses in between the daily bull! Good luck!


joana - September 21

yes is normal.You can star feeling the movement at 14-16 weeks



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