Question On Old Sperm

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marie - November 8

My DH sperm was 10 days old or little more when I was conceive...Do u think a chance the sperm that fertilise was a healthy one? Since it made it through all these barrier? Anyone have a successful pregnancy from old sperm? Thanks!


Me! - November 8

I thought sperm lasted a long time anyways. Don''t like those sperm banks store sperm for a really long time? I don't think it matters. But hey I am no expert.


How - November 8

how did you end up with 10 day old sperm?


marie - November 8

My DH ejaculate, then 10 days later we TTC, which was only once in the month I conceive..That make his sperm almost 10 days old..I know most people said keep the sperm fresh by TTC every 2-3 days..or at least don't let the sperm older than 1 week..


ok - November 8

so you had s_x and he ejaculated. Then 10 days later you had s_x and he ejaculated again and you became pregnant correct? If that is the case then you are just fine.


sperm - November 8

sperm doesn't last 10 days outside the body. So you are saying that he didn't ejaculate for 10 days and that is how you are counting the age of the sperm? That is still "fresh" sperm honey. No need to worry.


what - November 8

this is the weirdest question on this forum by far!


marie - November 8

sorry for the confusion..He ejaculate by hand mansterbating..That is when I am still in mine AF..Then 10 days later we TTC, which is once in that month..That's how I said the sperm is 10 days old..


c - November 8

Ok Marie. there is no need to be concerned about the age of his sperm then. I was confused, thinking that maybe he ejaculated and you kept the s____n for ten days before trying to get pregnant with it. I am glad that is not the case. Anyways, many men (inluding my husband) don't have s_x or ejaculate everyday or even every 3 days. We have been known to go without for weeks and his sperm is just fine. don't worry, you'll be fine.


Confused - November 8

Okay, I still do not understand how this is possible? Why doesn't your husband just c_m inside of you? What do you do with the sperm for 10 days, leave it on the night stand?


c - November 8

confused. What she is saying is that her husband m_________ed and ejaculated. Then ten days later they had s_x and he came inside her and she became pregnant. She seemed concerned because the sperm was sitting in his body for 10 days. I believe someone told her on the forum that if you didn't ttc every few days the sperm would become old. which we know is not true.


linz - November 8

I'm actually in college studying the reproductive system. And sperm does not get old in a man's body. The s____m rises and falls to maintain good temp for sperm production. And each time he ejaculates 300 million sperm are released. So believe me they are all happy & alive! And sperm actually have to go through quite a journey to fertilize an egg so usually only the best make it anyways.


D - November 8

I wouldn't consider it "Old" sperm. I have always heard that you shouldn't do it too often when ttc because it lowers the sperm count. Don't worry, I'm sure it was good, strong, reliable sperm! :-) Good luck!


marie - November 8

Thanks for everyone's answers..That's what I thought..Only the best sperm make it throught the cervix and eventually found the egg..I just wonder..Does the Uterus & Fallopian tube fill with liquid? That's how the sperm can swim into fallopian tube and then fertilize egg travel down to Uterus right? or it have no liquid and just have little fluids on the side?



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