Question On Sperm Survival During Period

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Unknown - October 12

i had s_x with a woman 2-3 days before her period. It came, and I thought we were safe. But is it not true that someone can ovulate during her period ? And what are the chances of the sperm surviving a period ?


brucen - October 12

Possible that she could be ovulating during her period but not likely.


what - October 12

what about sperm surviving menses ?


Viv - October 12

One woman on the forum claims she got pregnant from s_x on the first day of her period. One German soldier in 1916 got his wife pregnant on the second day of her period. It is farily well established that sperm can last 5 days in the female reproductive tract, so in these cases we are looking at ovulation on Day 6 or Day 7. One woman posted here that she had a friend who tracked ovulation and had recorded a Day 8. My opinion in the present instance is that sperm from 2 days before the period would be incredibly unlikely to last until the next ovulation, but bell-shaped curves being what they are, I would no longer say impossible. If Unknown feels this has happened, it should be doc_mented and published.


Tia - October 13

good points, but can sperm survive menstration, I would think that this would clense the system ?


mike - October 28

can my girlfriend get pregnant if she don't take birth control and we had s_x on her third day of her period and i came in her?


Viv - October 29

Yes Mike, she can, but not highly likely. For Tia, I visualize the sperm in the fallopian tubes, upstream from menstruation.


eyebeeablessing2u - October 29

Actually it is possible that they can... reason is... most women ovualte from both sides of their ovaries.. alternating every month.. therefore the guys can wait in the nooks and crannies... and GOD is god and he can do all miracles.... LOL


eric - October 31

I'm just going through the exact same problem as you unknown... I had unprotected s_x with my girlfriend on her second day of her period. I went to the doctor to discuss the chances... he said that ovulation can occur early, BECAUSE (in one case, having to do with soldiers about the leave their wivesfor war), emotions MAY affect hormones... in the case of WWII soldiers going away from war, it has been doc_mented that women got pregnant while on period because of the fac that they were going through a lot of emotions... but this is rare. I heard chances of pregnancy is about 1 in 1000 estimated, s_x during early days of period is less likely to get ur girl pregnant compared with the pill (whatthe doc said)... but still be aware that there is a small chance of it happening shud ovulation occur early.


Unknown - October 31

Well, the woman skipped her period the next month and is pregnant. BUT, she had another partner as well in between us, now the quesiton is did my sperm survive 2-3 days before her period impregenate her or was it the other person? Very stressful situation. The doctor is using a due date based on her last period, BUT, maybe that is when she became pregnant ??? What do you think?


anafiel - November 1

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xena - November 15

how long does sperm last after s_x and if i took the morning after pill 24after it how likely am i to get pregnant



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