Questions For In Home Daycare Lady

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Leahp - May 20

Hi ladies, I'm meeting with a in home daycare lady today and would like some suggestions on what type of questions I should ask, I'm a lost soul with this and need some help!! Your suggestions would be great!!!


D - May 20

What qualifications/experience they have, ask for references from previous employers. Think of some possible scenarios and ask how they would react in those situations/what they would do. Do they have first aid experience too? Are they flexible? Do they drive? That's all I can think of! :o) I'm sure others will think of lots more!


Maleficent - May 20

ask about feeding time. you do NOT want a child care provider who is going to prop a bottle in your babys mouth and walk away. make sure she will hold your baby during feeding. you also want to pay attention to the other kids in the day care. are they healthy? if she lets parents drop off sick kids guess who's going to get sick? you want to ask how many kids she currently cares for and if she's planning on taking in more. get her licence number and run a check. a licenced day care should have "menus" posted along with fire escape plans, look for these things while you are there. and tell her that you will be stopping by 3-4 times unannounced before the baby comes. you can learn alot about what goes on in a daycare by poping in. good luck, i hope she meets all your expectations.


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 20

This is such an important question. Good for you for asking. I have worked in the day care field for years. I also was a director for a day care for children with special needs. What state do you live in? I am in Texas and here you can go online and look up any registered day care (even the home ones) and see what if any violations they have. Here are some important things to ask or look for... 1. Ratio of children to adults 2. Who else might be in the home (adult /teen children) 3. Are cabinets locked (that may have chemicals) 4. Are the doors to the outside secured (safety locks) 5. Do the other children seem happy/content? 6. What training does she and her staff get, and are they certified in infant CPR and first aid. 7. What is the back up plan if she is sick? Does she have someone else come in and if so who? 8. As your child gets older what type of activities are done? 9. Does it appear the children are held often or put in equipment? That is just a few to get you started. I will wirte more if I can think of more. GL!!!!


Lynn - May 20

A big thing for me in addition to everyone else's suggestions is how many hours a day is the TV on & what programs does she allow the kids to watch. I know of some "home Daycares" where they pretty much plop the kids down in front of the TV for most of the day why they lean the house, do laundry, and the kids just watch movie after movie...


Katharine - May 20

The TV question would be very important to me, too. I would also want to know about learning experiences that are avaialble for your child. How often are children outside? What is the outdoor play environment like? Do the children take field trips? What kinds of activities are provided to stimulate the children--play-based learning experiences, topics discussed, books read, etc. I would definitely want to know how many children's books are available and what types of stimulating toys are avaialble. (sorry, not sure if this person will be caring for you child in your home or with other children in their home.) Also, how do they monitor the child(ren) while preparing meals and do they have back-up plans for when they are sick. I would also ask for examples of specific times when they have had to use their first aid skills (how did the situation happen and how did they handle it), were very stressed out on the job, and dealt with a difficult parent and/or child situation (does she give out too much information while decribing, possibly compromising confidentiality). If you can't tell, I'm a little a___l about child care, but these are things that were very important to me, having working in a child care center before.



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