Qusetion About Morning Sickness

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Lauren - October 22

I am almost 19 weeks still having this really bad or so the doctors and fathers say. I am so sick and dizzy to the point of everyday almost passing out. When I was at my doctor last and told her she said that it was all normal, and I should drink more juice before I go out and do anything. Well I did this and it still didnt help, and all my blood test came back normal. So is this really all apart of the morning sickness or something that I should really be worried about.


chrissy - October 22

dizziness is common in pregnant women due to circulatory changes also stress fatigue and hungar can make you feel dizzy.also standing to long can make you feel dizzy and can make you faint,the reason being increased dialation of blood vessels and pooling of blood in the legs while standing,also high blood pressure can cause dizziness.


buglet - October 24

There is more blood circulating in your body due to pregnancy, but the usual amount isn't heading up to where your brain is. Most of it is going to your gowing baby. This is the underlying cause of your dizziness. This is your circulatory changes in your body. That's where ladies begin to feel lightheaded as well. As for being nautious, doctors are still trying to determine the reason for it. Keep eating as many 'mini' meals as you feel fit for yourself everyday. Dry crackers and bread are great. My mom's secret recipe did wonders for me too! You take boiling water a mug with a straw and a little bit of your favorite flavour of JELLO powder. Mix some of the JELLO powder in with the boiling water in your cup and stir. Once it cools down a little, sip it during your day. Not all at once. The JELLO will coat your stomach and make up for your stomach-lining you lost while visiting the porcelin princess. I also found just keeping my mind off this horrible endeavor help wonders too. Soon I forgot all about it until I remembered it later and began visiting the princess all over again. Hope this helps you as it did me!



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