Ranch Dressing

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Ashley - May 22

Is it safe to eat Ranch Dressing when your pregnant? I'm 22 weeks and I love to eat ranch dressing, but I've been avoiding it my whole pregnancy because someone told me to stay away from creamy dressings...but I just had a little taste yesterday, and now I want it on everything! Have any of you ladies ate it while you were pregnant and everything turn out okay? Do you think it will be safe for me and my baby?


Tanja - May 22

I've never heard of staying away from creamy dressings. I crave caesar salad from Pizza Hut and have it like every second day. And it has a creamy dressing. Maybe they said stay away because it's kind of fattening.


Jenn... - May 22

I think you just need to avoid these dressings when you eat out. Many restaurants make their own dressings and their "creamy" dressings have raw egg in them which is a no no when you are preggers - that means no licking the bowl when you make a batch of brownies either!! I am sure that you are fine with ranch purchased at the store.


mel - May 22

I think its safe to eat....what needs to be avioded is cream sauces and dressing in restuarants that might not have proper sfae-handeling procedures. You are trying to aviod food poisening..listeria


Misty - May 22

Ranch would be o.k. I am sure. I used to work at denny's and we did make our own ranch dressing, but it didn't have any egg in it. Not to worry, it was just a bag of ranch seasoning mixed with water.


Maddie - May 22

There is a chance of getting a rare bacteria when you come in contact with raw eggs. Ranch dressing in a bottle shouldn't have that bacteria.


m - May 22

Creamy dressings shouldn't be used in restaurants (more likely salad bars) because that dressing sits there and could get bacteria. The only Ranch Dressing that I have found on in the grocery stores that DOESN"T have MSG (mono-sodium glutamate) is Marie's Creamy Ranch found in the refrigerator section of the produce dept) I'd like to find a good recipe that's comparable to restaurant ranch dressings that is more natural. I love ranch dressing too.


JB - May 23

Ranch dressing is ok to eat when your pregnant. My nutritionist (which is in my OB/GYN's office) put it in my diet for a veggie dip.


Missy - May 23

Ranch dressing seems to be fine, it's Ceasar dressing that is bad because it contains raw egg. best of luck to all of you!


s - May 23

I just heard about that the other week. It's anything thats pasterized or mabye it's not pasterized....anyway if it contains raw eggs your not supposed to eat it, but if ranch dressing contains raw eggs, i'm in trouble because Ive been eating it the whole time.....I love it on my pizza! lol


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 23

I eat ranch dressing all the time at home and in restaurants. I make a wonderful ranch at home that tastes tons better than the bottled stuff. You mix 1 cup of mayo(light), 1 cup of milk with 1 pouch of Hidden Valley Ranch dry salad dressing mix. YUMMMY!!!!!


Ashley - May 23

See, Now I'm confused because I thought that mayo was made from raw eggs too! Isn't it terrible to have to question everything you want to eat? lol I'm am so lost on this


Jessica - May 25

yes of course you can eat it silly! I eat it all the time and i am 17 wks doctors would have told you not to eat it if you weren't supposed to


2 ASHLEY - May 25

Ranch dressing is perfectly okay!!! Who ever told you that doesn't know what they are talking about. Don't listen to what other people tell you. What matters is what your Dr. says.People are to extreme


ES - May 25

You should avoid the raw egg products and soft cheeses. That means like blue cheese and caeser. But I love caeser salad and I have found that most of the dressing especially from chain resturants is pasturized thus making it safe. I go to Red Lobster for caeser. Very few chain resturants will risk using unpasturized raw egg products.


m - May 25

the only thing bad I know about Ranch dressing is that it has lots of MSG. Mono-sodium-glutamate. Which isn't good for anyone, pregnant or not. The Hidden Valley Ranch dips/dressings are loaded with it. So are Campbell soups.


m - May 25

Btw: This is my FAVORITE dressing. I love it. I would love a good recipe that is homemade if anyone knows of one! I always ask for it in restaurants (that way i can't read the label) ; )



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