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kari15 - May 5

Does anyone like the name Sophia? I'm really can't tell if I like it or not. My fiance seems to really like it and we've been having troubles finding a little girl's name we like that doesn't end in an "e" sound. (because it wouldn't go with his last name). Any other comments/suggestions of little girl names are welcomed too! Thanks!


Brittany - May 5

We're naming our daughter Summer. I liked the name Braelynn too. Heres more names, Claire, Kristin, Lauren, Amber, Kaitlyn, Cara...and so on. Go on websites, that might help. I like the name Sophia, I've been hearing more and more of the name but I don't know if I like it or not. I try to think of nick names you'd call someone when given names, she might get called Sophie which ends in an E sound. Good luck!!


Brittany - May 5

I just said I liked the name then didn't know if I liked it...sorry, my pregnant mind runs away with me. I meant I liked it but didn't know if I liked it enough if that makes sense. Sorry haha.


livdea - May 5

Sophia is super popular right now and rightly so, its a great name and my nieces name!! But every little Sophia I know is called Sophie! What about Maja...or Maya. Its pretty popular now too but I love it! Olivia doesn't end in an "e" either, that's my name so that one just came to me, Stella, Grace...but she'll be called Gracie...um...I'm blanking out right now....I'll have to get back to you! Good luck! Its such a challenge picking out names! I've thought I had "THE ONE" picked half a dozen times...I'm due in two months and have given up! I'll know when I see her!


HannahBaby - May 5

We are going to name this baby if it is a girl Sophia, i love that name SOOO much!! I was going to name my first daughter that but my b___h cousin had her baby 2 months before me and changed her name at the last minute to Sofia. Others I like are Hannah, Fiona, Olivia, Lilly, and Gianna


hthab - May 5

I love the name Sophia. Cla__sic, but not overly used. Perfect. And I like the nickname Sophie.


Olivene - May 6

I think it is too popular right now, but it is beautiful! Sophia is Italian so if you like it maybe you would like other Italian choices- Bianca (can't really shorten it to an 'e' ending) Estella, Mariana, Lucia?


mandee25 - May 6

I love the name Emma Grace so that is the name dh and I chose. Sophia is cute too.


frankschick2001 - May 8

Sophia is a nice name, I like it.


Darknessangel87 - May 8

How about Alexandra, or Mia (short for Amelia maybe)?


Lilu - May 10

My 1st little girl's name is Sophie Alexis! It's such a beautiful name!!


Lilu - May 10

OMG and LIVDEA... I love the name Estella Grace!! But everyone I ask tells me its an old lady name. NO ITS NOT... haha.. a beautilful little girl can carry that name very well!


Tasha - bump - May 10

i like amelia or abigail but sophia is lovely


collint3 - May 17

i love that name, go for it, it is very pretty


sa__sifras - May 18

I love it, but I think it is becoming fairly common. I named my daughter Olivia then found out it was number 5 on the list that year...


jessicajo - June 5

the name sophia is a greek name i am greek by the way it means wise


Soontobemom - June 5

I don't mind Sophia but it is getting quite popular. I decided to name my little bundle Brennah Elizabeth.



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