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Melissa - November 15

Hi, does anyone know the benefits of drinking raspberry tea while pregnant. I heard it supports pregnancy but I don't know if this is mumbo-jumbo or what!


Mel - November 15

Yes, I drank it during my 1st pregnancy. You shouldn't start drinking it until your 7th month. There is something in raspberry leaves that helps to stregthen the placenta and the uterus. It can cause mild contractions, that's why you must wait until your 7th month. During the 7th month only drink 1 cup a day, slowly increase that to 2 - 4 cups a day by your 9th month. I read a bunch of studies that were done in the UK and there was a significant decrease in c-sections in mothers who drank the tea. They said they believe this was caused because the the uterus became stronger and was able to push out the baby easier. I drank the tea during my 1st preg and only had to push for about 7 minutes. The nurses & Drs said they had not seen a 1st time mom that was able to push out the baby that easily. I credit the tea.


Charlene - November 15

It needs to be raspberry leaf, not just flavored. It is also said to help pre-pregnancy - Coincidence or not, I was drinking it for a bit. I must admit though, I am not a tea or coffee drinker and I hated the stuff. I let it cool enough so I could gulp it down. I tried not to use to much sugar either. I will use later in pregnancy and am dreading, but if it really helps - I will definitely give it a try. The less labor pains, the better :)


Jill - November 15

I read something about it stabalizing hormones in my preggo book. But nothing about what ME was saying.. and nothing about waiting till the 7 month. Now I am scared because I am drinking it in my 4th month! I make iced tea that is half rasberry, half regular tea. Yum. ME, is that just the leaves then?


SHelly - November 15

does anyone know about rosemary? i think thats what it is. I think its suppose to help too! but not sure i would like some info, if anyone knows, please share. is it a tea or leaves, the rosemary i mean. where could you get this stuff?


Shannon - November 16

My friend drank rasberry leaf tea when she was overdue. She was trying to induce labour cuz she was 2 weeks late :)


Shannon - November 16

Supposedly Rasberry Leaf and Rosemary and a few other herbal teas can indice uterine contractions. I would advise women in early pregnancy to avoid drinking these teas as they can cause pre-term labour.


Eileen - November 16

where can you buy the rasberry leaf??????


Shannon - November 16

You can probably go into a herbalist store or maybe even in the herbal section of your neighbourhood drug store. Ask your doctor if you cant find it.


Eileen - November 16

thanks i check


SHelly - November 16

im sure u could get it at a health food store. Im going to try this. im30 weeks now. There are also pills.


Eileen - November 19

I'm also 30 weeks so i guess nows a good time to try......How does it taste???I like rasberry tea is this similar in taste? Shelly when is your due date?


SHelly - November 19

im due jan 26, my baby is measuring 31 and a half weeks a little ahead. I had some tea this morning, i just added hunny to make it sweet. its real plain tasting. Im having a boy, what about you Eileen?


..... - November 20



Eileen - November 21

I'm going to try to find the tea today so i can start drinking it.....I'm also having a boy......He moves around alot now feels like he doesn't have much room..Did any one have there baby shower yet??????


Sam - November 29

Hiya.. follow this link! http://www.babycentre.co.uk/refcap/545986 Hope to help.


Lissi - November 29

I drank 3 cups per day for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. I hated it, and it didn't even work! I was 2 weeks late, had to be induced and had a very painful, 21 hour labor. I never want to taste that tea again, for as long as I live!



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