Ready But Scared To Death

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lindsay - November 6

hi husband and i have been married for 2 years now...and i want to have a baby. i feel like im ready, but i have alot of fears....the biggest one is the morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting. the last time i threw up was about 10 or 11 years joke. and no i have a huge phobia of it. i never want to throw up, i just think i would not be able to deal with it...seriously, i have a big problem with it.....its the biggest reason i dont want to be pregnant. i thought, if i havent thrown up since i was a kid, maybe i have a really strong stomach, and could handle it, and not be really sick all the time. what could i do to get over my fear? the other fears i have are probably what every woman fears while thinking about having a baby, such as...if the baby will be normal...things like that. if anyone has any tips, please help... thanks so much!


Lisa - November 6

If you want a child you're going to have to get over the vomit fear. Because if you are lucky not to get morning sickness (like I was) guaranteed you're going to see it from your baby. It's a small price to pay if you really want a child.


lindsay - November 6

thanks... :) it dosent really bother me when someone else vomits...just so long as its not going to look into doing something about this...and get over it....alot of women get sick more than once a day everyday...maybe after i throw up the first few times, it wont be so hard, and it will be a little easier...and, i know, it does seem like such a small thing when you campare it to what comes out of soon as i think i am over my fear...thats when we'll start trying... :)


Lisa - November 6

Good luck! I find if I start to I quickly start thinking of something else and if it gets really bad I put a really cold cloth on the back of my neck and keep my hands in cold water; and I won't throw up.


Lisa - November 6

Actually Lindsay; I'm really scared of vomiting during delivery from the pain. That scares me!


mechelle - November 6

lindsay, i was in the same boat. i hate throwing up, seriously it makes me feel like i'm going to die. this is my fourth pregnancy, and i must say that morning sickness is like flipping a coin. you never know when you will have it. i've had with one pregnancy and that's it. honestly coming from another person that has a phobia of throwing up, it's not as bad as it seems. your baby is worth it all in the long run................TRUST ME. GOOD LUCK!!!


Mary - November 6

I had your phobia. Pregancy cured me. So, go for it.


perhaps - November 6

Depending on how bad you get morning sickness - you can get a perscription to help with the nausea. I did, and it really helped.


LIsa*9 - November 6

If you are going to get a prescription for morning sickness make sure there are no side effects concerning developement of the baby is concerned,My brother in law has problems with his second due to drugs for morming sickness.


ally - November 6

you may be like me and not get morning sickness, not everyone does



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