Ready To Get Pregnant Just Getting Off The Pill

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wannabemama - June 8

I am 27, and, after five years of marriage, my husband and I are ready for a family. I have been on the pill since I got married, and have JUST stopped taking it. Before I started on the pill, my cycle was pretty regular, and, in my family, we're known to get pregnant from just looking at our husbands (we're very fertile people). I am hoping to be pregnant by August for two reasons: so that I can make the announcement to my family when I go home for Thanksgiving, and so that my maternity leave will fall during summer vacation (I'm a subst_tute teacher). My question is, how long should it typically take for conception to occur, after getting off the pill? My doctor sounded like I should not have a problem, but she threw me through a loop when she said, "If it doesn't happen within a year, see a specialist." I hope it doesn't take that long!


sashasmama - June 8

My sister in law took the pill for abou 10 years, it took her a year to get pregnant. They all say if it takes longer than a year to see a specialist.


eclipse - June 9

I got pregnant ON the pill after taking it for 13 years, but my doctor says it actually makes you more fertile. So it really depends on how your body reacts to it and its sudden absence. Good luck, start taking the prenatals now, just in case, and keep us posted!!! Prenatals won't hurt you and you should go ahead and start them into your system. You can get a big old bottle of them at Sam's Club or Costco. :D


Tomygirl77 - June 9

Don't let the doctor discourage you about seeing a specialist. They seem to always say that. I was on the pill for 4 years and the month after I went off of it, I got pregnant with my daughter. Good luck!


lillybug - June 9

Hey wannabemama - everyone is different girly, so no one can truly say when you might get pregnant. AS far as the "very fertile" subject, theres no such thing as it running in the family, lol I know this from experience. Two of my aunts got pregnant on the pill for both of their pregnancies, my mom got pregnant quickly after birth control with me and my brother, but I however have been trying for 7 months and have failed each one, so don't get discouraged if you don't get pregnant as fast as the other women in your family, because you never know how you body is going to work with you, Good Luck



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