Ready To Have A Baby

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Jules - December 15

My husband and I just stopped birth control, the pill, and are wanting to get pregnant in March. Should I keep taking the pill for another month? And my last day to drink and smoke is Sunday. Is this too soon? Are we jumping the gun?


Lin - December 15

I don't think you're jumping the gun, though you'll of course have to keep in mind you'll need to use another form of protection if you don't want to get pregnant before March. In fact, it's probably best to stop the pill this early, because it could take a few months before your cycle gets back to normal. Some people go right back into regular cycles, and others take a few months. Good luck!


To Jules - December 15

I stopped the pill at the end of July and have yet to start ovulating again!!!! I am sooooooo sad about this. I have only had two periods since then and they were both induced by meds. If I were you I would stop now just in case. Hopefully you have better luck than I've had so far. I am dying to get pregnant NOW and I can't even ovulate. You should feel lucky if you get pregnant sooner than you planned because soooo many of us can't get pregnant so easy!!! GOOD LUCK!!! I wouldn't neccessarily stop all drinking until you've ovulated and missed AF, but STOP SMOKING!!!!! It's so bad for you anyways! Good Luck!


Jules - December 16

What on earth is AF? Everyone is using the term but I don't have a clue what it means.


Michelle - December 16

AF.. Aunty Flow.... aka period


Jules - December 16

Thanks for all of your responses. I found this web-site by mistake and it is now on my Favorites list. My husband makes fun of me because I always talk about it. With the smoking issue, I read many things on this site that have helped me. Even though we want to wait another month or so, I want to quit now so my baby doesn't feel the negative withdrawls I am sure I will go through. Mu husband doesn't smoke so he is so incredibly excited I have choosen to quit now. We hope to wait until March but if it happens this month then yippee! We can't wait. We already have the name picked out and have started the baby room! My husband is a firefighter so he had began to buy firefighter items for the little one. I am 29 and this is our first. I can't even begin to express how excited we both are to add a little one to our family!


Lin - December 16

I know what you mean, Jules, hubby and I are enjoying every moment of trying, too. This is only my second month off the pill (I'm 33), and I've already gone nuts, buying opks and preseed and temping! Good for you for quitting for your hubby. May it be as pleasant an experience for you as it was for me. Actually, I should probably add the caveat that I also moved to a different country when I quit. I'm sure the change of scenery helped a lot, even if it was the smokers haven that Germany is.



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