Really How Expensive Are Babies

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~SB~ - April 12

Mom's, just give it to me...I can take it!


rose - April 12

the good thing is that it is not an up-front many many small one beginning with diapers and baby food....i found that the three most expensive days in our lives are school clothes shopping, christmas shopping, and vacations! but i must say its worth every penny!


Misty - April 12

I don't really find it to be to bad. You do have the initial expense of crib, swing, high chair, bedding, ect... But after that it seems pretty minor. My son just turned 2 and isn't ready for potty training yet so we go through about $30 in diapers a month. Then you have wipes and clothes, shoes and whatnot, but those aren't too expensive. It is when he becomes a teenager that I will get worried. Hehe.


Heidi - April 12

I think what they say on the news and magazines is a crock. My girlfriend has three and she said that it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It's all up to you and how you want to raise your kids. I myself, think that buying everything new is almost a waste. I plan to look for infant clothes at rummage sales and other things if they're next to new, which most of the time they are. I know parents who buy their kids nothing but new and the most expensive designer clothes etc. I'd rather take that money and buy some new and rummage sale the rest and take that extra money I saved and put it in a fricking college fund instead! Kids don't care what they wear when they're little and they wreck stuff and grow out of it so quickly. I think it's only as expensive as YOU make it. Yes, health insurance can be spendy and so can daycare but you can't always avoid that. But buying your one year old Tommy Hilfiger outfits at $50 a pop is a little crazy when you could find a cute one at a rummage sale for $2.00 and if it gets ruined, who cares! Let the grandparents and aunts and uncle spoil them rotton. Ha ha! I plan to be very conservative and try to put money aside for college instead of into the pockets of the fricking designers. Oh yes, don't forget, cut coupons for diapers and formula etc. You'd be surprised how much you can save.


nhb - April 12

My son is 10 months and we spend close to $60 in diapers/month plus another $20 in wipes--haven't had to buy ANY clothes since he was born b/c we were given tons, but he's allergic to milk, so his formula runs around $23/can (he goes through 1.5 cans/week . . .), plus probably another $20/month in babyfood/baby snacks. My husband stays at home with him, so no daycare costs--but when we did have him in, it was $650/month full time. He's way worth it though--I can't imagine not having him here!! Now #2's on the way (but I also have 2 step-daughters that don't live with us who are 5 & 10 years old!) So we're quite the family now!!


Layla - April 12

I agree that resale shops and rummage sales are the way to go. Babies outgrow stuff so fast and alot of times they get clothes that they dont even wear. If you have a baby shower then you will get alot of stuff. DayCare is expensive but there are programs available for low income families if needed. I started buying diapers right when I found out I was pregnant so I have really stocked up on them!


Misty - April 12

That is one hell of a good idea. I should start buying diapers now. You always need them and with little babies half the time it is when you are tired and don't feel like moving. I am also going to ask most people at the baby shower to just get us a bag of diapers. Inexpensive, but they come in very handy.


nhb - April 12

That's one thing maybe someone throwing a shower might be able to do--my mother told everyone instead of a card, bring a book and sign it . . . maybe use the same idea, but say bring a pack of diapers instead?


monica - April 12

I think the most expensive thing is daycare. For infants where I live it runs around $1000 a month. I am lucky and my mom will take of my baby until 2 years then he will go to preschool where it will cost around $800 a month.


Heidi - April 13

Wow, daycare is expensive where you live. I'm going to be very lucky as my girlfriend lives right next door and does daycare and is holding me a spot till the baby is born in October and it's only $2.25 an hour right now so it should run a little under $400 a month. Guess I should consider myself lucky. Good idea about buying diapers now too but someone told me they did this and they either bought too small or the brand didn't fit as well as the others so I thought about setting aside a jar for stashing cash so when the baby is born I can dip into there instead for diapers. I see Walmart sells wipes by the case for like $20 for like 1000 wipes or something. I hope I get bombarded with diapers and stuff like that at my shower. I'm hoping they last till the kid is potty trained. Ha ha! Just kidding! I think Sams Club sells them in bulk really cheap too if anyone lives near one and has a membership. Otherwise Walmart seems to be the cheapest from what I see. Have friends and family clip coupons in the Sunday papers too. That really adds up. Go on line and register for coupons too at for formula and diapers. My friend said she always got coupons and free samples in the mail. Check with your local WIC program too if you fit in their income limits.


Maleficent - April 13

i don't think babies are expencive at all. you seriously don't need over half the c___p you think you do. all my babies *needed* was diapers, a carseat, and my b___bs. my family went nuts buying baby clothes so even that wasn't an expence for us. i've never bought baby shampoo. my last baby didn't even use wipes, we made our own and spent 1/4 the money. our medical insurance covered everything. baby slept in bed with us and was bathed in the sink. it's when they get older that the expences start to add up. my mom doesn't get a thrill out of buying school clothes for a 7 year old like she does buying sleepers and baby outfits. lol.


Jamie - April 13

The biggest expense my husband and I are looking at don't know - lol - we've cut out the 3 biggest expenses; we'll be using cloth diapers, so that's a one-time expense, I'll be b___st-feeding, so grocery bill won't change much, and I'll be a stay-at-home momma, so no day care. However, we will be losing 50% of our income.


Kristin - April 13

They had a thing on MSN last year that broke it all down, and the price??? $170,000 is what they said it takes to raise a child from conception to year 18 or 21 in some cases.


Megan - April 13

I'll also be a stay at home mom after the baby comes. Daycare where I live runs in the area of 1500. a month. My monthly take home is about double that but I don't think that paying that amount is worth it if we are fortunate enough to not have me work during this time. Like most of my friends have done, we'll just have to start cutting back in certain areas and I have already begun to save quite a bit since I am in my 30's and have worked for a while now. I also hope to b___st feed for at least the first year and that will help to save on formula costs.


Erica - April 13

My biggest fear is college, even though that's 18+ years away. The cost of education is rising faster than inflation. I saw a report estimating 500K by the time a child graduates college with 180K-200K being the estimate for college expenses. I believe it since a state college today is at least 30K a year in CA, where I am. I hope that my children get my husband's athletic ability because I will be all over those scholarships. Either way, we'll find a way to make it work. My parents always did....


Jamie - April 13

I haven't even bothered to look at the price of daycare in my area - I live in a small German town, 20 minutes away from the nearest American installation. While I have nothing against Germans, and I love my neighbors/town, I'd have a hard time entrusting my little girl to someone who speaks a different language than I do.


Kaz - April 14

You Ladies have given me some brilliant ideas. At 33 wks, I've left it a little late to start stocking up on nappies. I'll be b___st feeding and have decided to give up work, so no day care fees. I have the same att_tude as Maleficent, Nappies/carseat/b___bs, I've got all that and haven't really bought anything else. I agree there's much more you can put your money into that will be way more benefitial.



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