Really Easily Irritated

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Meadra - April 5

I'm having a problem dealing with my emotions lately! I get irritated at the slightest thing. For instance, my boss has been in a bad mood for a while. I'm so annoyed at HIM being in a bad mood. I find myself thinking,"How dare he be in a bad mood! He has no idea what it feels like to be bloated and pukey 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! I'm the only one that has a justified reason to be in a bad mood!" Then i sit back and think,' Wow. Settle down psycho.' The I feel incredibly guilty for feeling that way. I have never been a vendictive person, but lately it comes out of nowhere!!My doula just laughs and says,' Welcome to being pregnant. ' Does anyone else get like this? I feel terrible after I snap at someone or give someone a dirty look! How can I keep a lid on it!? Oh, I'm 9 weeks if that makes a difference.


nhb - April 5

I've been feeling the same way--I don't know how far I am yet, but I DEFINITELY know what you're going through--it's so strange! And there's not even anything we can take!! I just try to think "They don't know what I'm feeling unless I tell them; if I'm angry, it's just going to make it worse, so try to stay calm" and then I think about how happy I'll be when I get to see the little baby when it's born--that helps me some, but it's really rough sometimes. If you find out anything else useful, let me know too!!


LOL - April 5

I called this my murderous intent phase. It was pa__s!


raye lynn - April 5

i was So that way around 9 weeks. i would just look at my husband and he knew not to breathe at that particular moment. it evens out. i am 16 weeks and i am feeling well aside from lots of congestion. much less mood related stuff though. good luck.


SugarPie - April 5

Funny. I never thought about doing hateful and evil things until pregnancy hit me many a times. Oddly, I actually delighted in the idea of cutting off my s.o.'s p___s this morning. I had a dream that he cheated on me with a Beyonce' look-a-like and it set me off more than you can imagine. Even when boyfriends/husbands look at you the wrong way it is enough to make you go off. Get in a place by yourself as much as you can and when you get home.. make up some water balloons and go to town on the side of a building/house. Much love, Girl***** I'm feeling you totally.


JB - April 5

To SugerPie, I had a dream like your's, my husband (in my dream cheated) the next day I was mad at him all day and gave him the cold shoulder. Finally he ask me what was wrong and I told him. He laughed at me. It was pretty silly.


JB - April 5

To Meadra, I'm having the same problem with a co-worker. She does things that drive me crazy. Sometimes I just have to get up and leave the room. It's very furstrating. I complain to my husband so I can get it off my chest. I guess it helps


grandma - April 5

honey! this is america, you do as you please. okay baby!


Meadra - April 5

Hey, thank you so much for your comments! It helps to know I'm not the only raging preggie out there!!!


jena - April 5

my doc is out of town and today i went to get a blood test (ok with just the nurse) to see if everything is progressing okay (started out iffy) - i went at 1:15 and waited outside knocking unitl 1:45 - later I called and left a message at 2-something... around 3 they called my hubby and said "we took a long lunch but we are here now" - does anyone know that people work? we don't sit on our b___ts all day! i was SO mad I even thought about getting a NEW doctor!!! Hubby thought I was overreacting a little :) Sorry, had to vent!!


Misty - April 5

Well hell Jena, a lunch break that last an hour and 45 minutes is quite a lunch break. I wouldn't say that you being annoyed was an overreaction. If you had an appointment though that is a different story, I would probably get a different doctor if that was the case. But if this was just something you decided to go in and do then I would let it end with just being peeved and keep your doctor.


jena - April 5

luckily (well, i guess that's the word!) I didn't have an appointment - just told to come by between 9-5 but not between 12-1 for blood. they called to apologize and ask if I wanted to come tomorrow, so I guess they are forgiven - just having fun while the "boss" is gone!! dorks! :)


Meadra - April 6

To Jena, That's happened to me! I needed to get a Holter Monitor put on me for my heart. So the doc told me to take the next morning off of work to go to hospital for it. They said they'd call me around 8:30 am to tell me when my appt at the hospital was. 8:30 rolls around, no call. 9:30 I finally call them. The nurse had forgotten. She called the hospital and they said ok 10:30. So at 10:30 I went to the hospital. The cardio-pulmonary guy told me that there's no way he could put the monitor on me because the hospital only has one and it was loaned out to someone else!!! Then he asked if i could come back tomorrow at 10:30.!! I was so mad! Obviously, pregnant women are expected to be sitting at home all day with nothing better to do than listen for the phone to ring!! My boss was very angry and I almost lost my job over it. Currently, I'm looking for a different hospital and doctor....


Jena - April 6

Meadra - yeah, I wish we were just hanging out all day!! Just becuase you're preggo doesn't mean you don't have to work and money grows on trees! :) Good luck getting what you need!!


Karen - April 6

Welcome to the world of pregnancy. Everything gets in my nerves, and my mood swings are really terriable. My boss gets the bulk of it ( afterall I am at work most of day) He complains that I am moody and I tell him he can never undersand. Sometimes I even feel sorry for him, cause I snap for any little thing. Its just the hormones as the body prepares for pregnancy. !! Good luck



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