Really Faint Line Help

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Shannon - September 28

I took a HPT this morning (my period is only one day late) and there is an extreamly faint line in the results window! I know I'm not seeing things because my husband saw it too...does this mean I'm pregnant?


aime - September 28

hi.. i would say that you should re-test.. i think there is a good chance you could be preg. b/c the positive sign doesnt come up unless you have the preg hormone in your pee... congrats!


m - September 28

When I had my second child, I got that faint line, also. As a matter of fact, it was when I was 5 or 6 days late that I got a strong line. Give it a couple of days and test again. Or heck, test every day if you want and watch it get darker. That's what I did just to make myself feel better. Congrats!


Eva - September 28

Yes, any line faint or dark means pregnant. I tested 2 days after my missed period & my line was so faint it was almost non-existent. A blood test confirmed I was pregnant & my doctor indicated that w/HPT if the HCG level is not high (meaning early into the pregnancy) they can give a very faint positive and sometimes a false negative. So............I think You are pregnant. Congrats!


Shannon - September 28

I had a blood test this afternoon and it was neg...? I'm so confused. Is it possible that my blood test was wrong even if my HPT was an extreamly faint positive? Thanks for the replies!


amber - September 29

The "Not pregnant" line was dark for me, and the "pregnant" line was faint but there. Turns out I am pregnant. You probably are, so get to a Dr.


Ms. W - September 29

Did you spot at all in b/t hpt & blood test? If you spotted at all you might have miscarried.


Shannon - September 30

No bleeding yet...I took another hpt yesterday and got the same faint positive!? My period is now 4 days late.


Shannon - October 1

Well...I got my period today :( I still cant figure out why I had a total of 3 faint positives and now a period!?



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